i'm excited to say that my new LYI website will feature my original illustrations on simple, inexpensive invites for baby showers, birthdays and of course, weddings! i'll post as soon as the new site goes live!

jackie ney is fantastic! check out her spectacular photography from around the world!

freckle wonder - if you love all-things-vintage please check out this wonderful collection! the prices are great, the photography is phenomenal and she updates monthly. special thanks to jackie ney for this glorious pick!

look out - here comes another artistic crush! i love this girl! penelope is so inspiring and fantastic ! she also started illustrationfriday.com - i can't wait to participate!

i'm blown away with the amount of great things illustrated by susie at boygirlparty!

how flipping wondeful are these witty little draw things by illustrator daniele young. she's got a super sense of humor and a really mean talent with the ink pen...

after getting interested in the freelance illustration world i found this excellent designer sophie askew of askew designs who makes wonderful cards for any occasion!

holy wow! private cloud designs these unbelievable rockable beds!

i can't wait to buy this dress! i saw it on etsy today made by luchaworkshop

cool cardboard! artist friend rachel chambers now has her awesome art collection viewable online. my absolute favorite is this wall drawing sculpture made of cardboard!

i've been dabbling in paper collage lately to fill up my etsy shop and i'm totally inspired by this piece by my chloe flower.

here i am tooting my own horn – but i just had so much fun creating this pattern today! i developed this idea for a bride who, like many this year, requested a pretty, pretty peacock design. hope you all like it!

wow! i can't get enough of amy lau's designs! i especially love her beach house bridgehampton collection. f-ing fantastic.

if you love fonts, graphic design or just interesting people talking about fonts and graphic design helvetica is a must-see! put it on your queue right now!