happy thursday!
just showing some new work today –
first, i've been working on this dog inspired project and have a few ideas brewing... if anyone has a good canine sayings/themes that would translate well for an illustration – please send it along!
here a few trial sketches on the popular:


also, i've had a couple inspiring customers lately asking for really great custom ideas and love them so much i may just have to offer it to the public!

this customer asked for a great swedish proverb to be fit into the classic homelove layout along with her friends names and wedding date. so nice, right? also, she requested using the america (north) color palette which i think turned out so perfectly. thanks, heidi! xoxoxo

and then this cool little lady asked for my each day calendar to be turned into a date marker of their anniversary. we circled their wedding day and added a little K+ G= LOVE at the bottom.
so sweet. thanks, kplusg!

great ideas are usually a collaboration - so don't be afraid to ask!
well, it looks like if this is going to be the best year ever
it's also going to be the year of facing all of my fears.
this weekend the delivery came and although a little late – it has begun.
life with bees.

i say facing my fears because i have always had a serious fear of bees and now i'll have to face it head on. i'm really trying to replace the negative images i have in my mind with images like the one above. but right now, i just can't seem to get that scene from candy man where they come crawling out of his mouth out of my brain!

yup, that one.

anyway! it was nice to see my hubs, bro, and nephew build the boxes ...

here it is complete and ready for it's home outside.

everything's so beautiful and still... for now.

the queen is on her way and will make her debut any day now...
i'm sure i'll be fine. and i bet i'll be loving them up and saying how cool they are soon enough... but until then, the neighbors will be getting a kick out of me running for my life and jumping into the pond every other day.
sending out a sweet little package of these guys today –
lovely little owls to announce a baby shower
+ 100% recycled envelopes to keep their homes and habitat in mind!
if you'd like a set for yourself or a friend you can find them here...

aaaagggggg i'm in love with this treasury and so proud to be a part!
thanks so much pixelandpost!
+ here's one of my favorites from her shop...

{go out on a limb - 8x10 only $20}
((so cute! i especially love with that little apple is saying!))
happy mondays all around, xoxoxoxoxox
ooooh how i LOVE this treasury!
i'm a sucker for vintage + the colors, & that "relax" cutout – it's exactly how i'm feeling today... thanks so much MontclairMade!
hey folks!
just wanted to show a little craft project that i just completed over here...
so, we bought the house with this old whirlpool refrigerator that has definitely seen better days. other than it being old and rather small – it works great. unfortunately, the WORST part about it was it's outer looks. bluuuh. it had rust spots all over and even a sweet rusty hand swipe that just looked down right foul (as you can see picture below)...

totally appetizing right?

so, i sanded that puppy down, gave it 2 coats of chalkboard paint and
~ whaaaalaaa ~
it feels like a new fridge and makes me oh so very happy!

i would recommend this project for anybody
with a raggedy old fridge that just won't die.
make it over and don't forget to add the love.

happy friday, ya'll!

Hey, all you awesome people out there!
April 10th my family and I are walking to help raise critical funds that support cutting edge research, drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education and provide programs and services to help people with MS move their lives forward.

To help get some extra support from the incredible people I know out there on the web I'm offering little thank you gifts for your Paypal donations...

$10.00 donation
you will receive –

one lovely little wooden postcard

$20.00 donation
you will receive
your very own 8 x 10 flat print*
* flat prints will be chose at random

$50.00 donation
you will receive
my best seller - 2011 BEST YEAR EVER calendar

{Dedicated to the strongest man I've ever known.}

Your Donation

tom petty's learning to fly might just be saving my life right now.
happy midweek everyone!

below are some beautiful treasuries
i'm lucky enough to be a part of...

also, today i go for my first try at acupuncture!
needles are becoming a reoccurring theme i guess –

enjoy that sunshine!
hello my people!
here's a little glimpse into the studio today...

lots of new print batches

+ new study sampling of my quilt poster in a BIG size (24 x 36)

and in between all of this fun i get to stab myself with this little guy.
as you may know, fertility has not been on my side. luckily there are many avenues to help and right now i'm trying gonal-f... we'll see how it goes. wish me luck!