well, it looks like if this is going to be the best year ever
it's also going to be the year of facing all of my fears.
this weekend the delivery came and although a little late – it has begun.
life with bees.

i say facing my fears because i have always had a serious fear of bees and now i'll have to face it head on. i'm really trying to replace the negative images i have in my mind with images like the one above. but right now, i just can't seem to get that scene from candy man where they come crawling out of his mouth out of my brain!

yup, that one.

anyway! it was nice to see my hubs, bro, and nephew build the boxes ...

here it is complete and ready for it's home outside.

everything's so beautiful and still... for now.

the queen is on her way and will make her debut any day now...
i'm sure i'll be fine. and i bet i'll be loving them up and saying how cool they are soon enough... but until then, the neighbors will be getting a kick out of me running for my life and jumping into the pond every other day.

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