hey friends!
here's a little update from around these parts...

all day. err day.
not really– but at least twice a day for months now 
lubeedu loves to play with her beans.
and wow, what fun we can have with some simple beans!
scooping, pouring, cooking, hiding letters and uncovering them, filling anything nearby with scoopfuls, making them into a turtle habitat, "spilling" them down the inside of your shirt, etc.
a $4 bag o' beans has been beyond thrilling to say the least.

 (and yes, that's my girl in her NOZONE swimsuiteczema hates sunscreen so she lives in those duds)

and fun time for mommy?
i've really craved a quick creative outlet and finally it's the plant season!
terrariums and little planters are the best thing for the busy mom. 
my reasons: 
1) it takes literally minutes to do.
2) you can do it while drinking wine. optional.
3) it's instantly gratifying and brings happiness to your eyeballs and rooms.
4) the kicker – negligence is actually welcomed after they're complete!
ever get a head of steam on a project only to let it fall 
by the way side minutes later from a crying kid or timer ding? um yeah.

even better, i only paid for floral foam and moss! 
all the plants are clippings from my plants around the house or yard. 
so nice. take a little walk, find what you like and end with something new and beautiful. 
ah yes, thank you.

so, the old milk glass got some life.

thingy that had pinecones now has plants!

in this one below i took floral foam and clippings 
from the yard and made a little oasis. 
popped some sedum and other succulents, maiden hair fern stems, 
a giant hosta flower and other planter clippings in there 
and instantly felt soothed by the process.

 another idea i've been brewing is creating willow water planters. 
i clipped willow branches and let them sit in water for weeks. 
(great step since i don't get back to very many things for weeks). 
i've planted some in pots but i'm really digging leaving them with the roots in water...

and so does mermelda the beta.

keeping busy and feeding the monster/heart is what we all must do, right?
wishing you the best on you and yours –