i'm so excited to have these little guys finally finished! so, here they are – new to the shop, bright and bold folk flower pins for your hair, hat or coat!
made of my illustration mounted on laser cut 1/8" beech wood.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

this one's for your hair...

and this one's for your coat!

for a limited time – find them in the shop for only $8
hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!!
this time of year always makes me want to snuggle in and make crafts all day... so, here are two that i've found recently that meet my crafty criteria: inexpensive, easy and fun!

first are these manu necklaces
(which are essentially paper clips wrapped in colored tape!)
i found these and many others on vintage mint. check there for many more ridiculously great craft ideas and more about the necklaces...

and of course some lovely paper trees by martha stewart
can't wait to make some for my little terrariums!

oh and i almost forgot – happy cyber monday!
+ take note that you can still use my
BLACK10 coupon code for 10% off in the shop!

celebrating Thanksgiving and Etsy's new ability to create and accept coupon codes – here's a coupon code to use in my shop for all you lovely blog readers! simply enter BLOG10 at checkout and receive 10% off your entire order!
happy holidays!! xoxoxoxox

happy monday!! check me out over at the short and sweet of it!
this is one of the few giveaways i've entered for this holiday season –
so be sure try for your chance to win free stuff! xoxoxoxoxo
got a note from caroline's creations about my weekend front page feature –
so proud to be a part of this beauty!
thanks again! xoxoxoxo

i have determined that 2011 will be the best year ever!
(well, that is until the next year.)

but seriously, 2011 is gonna be heaven...
and as long as i believe it – it will be true!!

so, in honor of this positive thinking i've made a calendar to remind you
printed on poster paper or on maple veneer!
here's some pics from around the house today...

{kitchen shot featuring my mary mcdivett chalkboard
and the pink and brown apron by

{living room fireplace right side}

{living room fireplace left side}

{wall art featuring hollie chastain and our niece and nephew}

{little table by the bathroom}

{and of course, our kritter girl}

louie ck's hilarious tour came to reading last night
and i laughed so hard it still hurts.
best $30 i've ever spent!
happy thursday, everyone!

check out the fabulous photos from tina's wedding!

tina was married in july and turned traditional the red, white, and blue
theme into something completely new!
what romantically sweet combinations and treatment –

she ordered my custom witness banner in her colors
and i was so happy to have a part!

thanks so much for sharing, tina!
hey there all you wonderful readers!
remember when i posted last week about having a serious quilt inspiration? well, here it is!
i'm so in love with this new print. i figured since i don't have one of those lovely quilts in my home i'd make something like it to remind me how beautiful they are and this is how it came together.

maybe someday i'll actually make one... but it might be a while.
and until then - this will have to do!
plus, i got to take some shots with my husband's new nikon D90.
i'm pretty happy with the results. sheesh, what an awesome camera.
now, if i could just figure out that darn white balance!

ok - if you love it, too – get one for yourself here!
oh boy! a crafty amy sedaris interview over at etsy! hooray!

one of my favorite excerpts:

"I love working with pantyhose because they are durable, malleable and I like the threat they pose: they can cause urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, eczema, hives, rashes and bacterial vaginosis. Danger keeps me on my toes."