just wanted to show some of the lovely
fall inspiration on my walk yesterday –

the color of this tree was so amazing...

and along the side of the road were some seriously inspiring color combinations...

i think kritter loves the fall, too! she blends in perfectly.

+++ i think we figured out what kitsune is!!
my good friend cally sent us some seriously convincing info on the carolina dog and if you know kritter, you know this is close!

oh yeah, and happy halloween!

{love these vintage inspired decorations by the ever-awesome martha stewart team!}

and with that – happy weekend everybody!! xoxoxox

just had to share these beauties from over at domestikate

{retro plastic awesomeness - $62}

{pistol hairdryer - $235}

{everything i like - $14}

happy tuesday people!

happy friday, folks!!
just wanted to post about my recent little illustration job for Etsy.com!
yep, you heard it - Etsy the real-deal company. so, that means at this years NY OOAK show the official Etsy booth will have these sweet little gift tag stickers designed by....
you guessed it, little ol' me!

their theme continuing from last year is a warm and cozy cabin feel
so i created this one inspired by quilts...
and this one inspired by my smokingly charming chimney!
even more exciting?! they let me get credit by putting my shop address at the bottom of each sticker!! wow, Etsy is just plain old awesome.
happy beautiful fall weekends to all of you out there!

hey, hey! just a couple new items in the shop –

happy wednesday!! xoxoxox

sheesh! it's been a while!
i was on a serious vacation from... all things.
but am now i'm back and super inspired!
just yesterday i was NYC checking out the folk art museum and got really excited to try make a quilt next year...

check out some of the radical quilts they had on display –

in the meantime (since i'm very slow and kinda stink at sewing!),
i have some great ideas for really large prints on canvas inspired by some of my favorites.

in other news, today i've been featured on craftland's blog check it out. and, i'm really excited to be in their awesome show again this year. thanks again, kristin! xoxoxox

and with that – HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!