happy monday everybody!

for all you FACEBOOK readers...
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and then for some eye candy – the following treasuries...

and roadtrip by mcldrygoods
thanks everybody!
morning all!
check out these sweet and lovable homespun chicken pincushions from chezsucrechez! so wonderful and adorable. i really need to learn how to sew so i have an excuse. hmm maybe i'll just get them for looks –

{so cute for only $9 - chezsucrechez}

and just in time since most folks are probably ordering or finding out about their spring chicks right about now - including me!

over the past couple years we've learned a thing or two about having hens so we plan make this year the best ever by doing all the right things. such as: 1) getting chicks and raising them with us. (since when you don't you can't really be sure what they've been eating - and they just don't love you like they do when you raise them up) 2) procuring the right variety for our land (flighty and hardy) and 3) finally - we're moving the coop up into the garden so they'll be close to the house and out of fox territory.

check out what's coming this spring:

{the silver spangled hamburg}
they're beautiful, great brooders , a little flighty and awesome personalities.
golden spangled are fantastic too - more golden but same disposition.
and of course a few of our standard layers - the red star
+ new to the scene we're going to try these funny guys...

{the polish or top hat hen!}
plus maybe a duckling or two for easter.
whoa, am i turning into a bird lady or what?
oh well, who cares! xoxoxoxoxoxo

ps- they'll all have to share with this awesome mallard posse on the pond.
three couples hang out all day just swimming in the open water spot, sliding around on the ice and primping themselves. lucky ducks.

adelaide's homesewn the blog is sooooo beautiful!
(check out that header - love it!)

maria featured some of my work over the weekend and said some really wonderful things about the sentiments of my pieces
i love how my work is sometimes like folding up an digital paper airplane,
tossing it out there, and seeing who it will fly to...
usually the very best people when i'm lucky.
thanks so much, maria!
hey folks! happy president's day!
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a taste of spring is in the air!
one of my most favorite treasuries yet!
check out each little thing because it's totally worth it –
happy thursday!
hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day!
just wanted to post this sweet pic by one of my recent customers...
read his caption to some up the awesomeness.
happy sun-filled wednesday ya'll –
happy valentine's day everyone!
really wishing i was having a crafternoon party like this instead of working today! check out the fun and beautiful craftivites over at martha stewart and get your handmade valentine groove on...

hey people! got some new stuff up in the shop –

product photo for my new homestead print:

and then...
yup, i printed it on maple veneer. and it's magical.

+ speaking of veneer,
whenever on wood is back !
hope all is well and warm with you,
happy monday everybody!
i'm so excited – over the weekend my hubs and i put together
my new website!
he built it with this live text method (which means i have to design a little holding site for any of you viewing it with your iphone and sorry if you use internet explorer - it won't be ready there either for a day or so...) but other than that i really love how it turned out! he even took my "about" photo back in the fall. nothing like a good old DIY, right?
so much love and thanks to you my best buddy –

ooohlala and happy friday, ya'll!
a friend let me know this morning that she scoped me out on elements of style...

and speaking of style – i don't know if i mentioned before but my super incredible husband got me a shopping spree for christmas... and ruche is where i spent a bunch of my $$$$.
check them out they're totally awesome.
below is one of the dresses i picked up and LOVE to wear with my jeans...
and now i'm off to get my hair trimmed –
hooray for style! (it's taken me until my 30's to actually pay attention)
happy weekend everyone xoxoxoxox
whoa! holy ice storm!
makes for such beauty...

and a little bit of disaster!

willows are amazing in the ice - like natural ice cathedrals
but as you can see above our poor guy just couldn't hold up the weight.
it was making the most eerie cracking noises as i approached for this photo.
no worries – inspector kritter sniffed out the damages.

hope you all are staying safe and warm today!