(bon voyage telegram)

well, i have a HUGE announcement – ready? ok. here it goes...

spread the love is saying goodbye. 

yep. you read that right.
i had an epiphany that i could not ignore.

i just love my little babe so much and i don't know if it's the 6-month-mark or what– but when she looked into my eyes with her blooming personality i just knew i wanted to be there with her in this time 100%. i like to do things with my whole heart and i've been running my business like that since the beginning. i know now that i can't do both with my whole heart so i've come to a divided path in the road. or a door. or a cliff.
luckily i have been blessed in the past with recognizing when to jump. 
i've done it before and i am not afraid.

i've thought long and hard about how to proceed. 
at first i thought i might just find a bunch of new stores and begin to stock stores only and stop online sales. but in the end i've wiped clean the foggy mirror and can see that this stage of my career has come to a perfectly fitting end and i'm so excited because i see that it is my own choice to close up shop (at a high point) and begin something new.

i've always dreamed of diving into the next part of my career 
and i know this is the one door closing so another can open.

first, i will be a mother with my whole heart. 
i will take this time as a sabbatical and learn, grow and be inspired 
and then i will be back with a brand new portofilo.

i'll still be blogging so no worries there. 
and of course i will still be making art – since that can never stop. 
i just won't be making and selling prints for spread the love.
so, if you've been a true die-hard customer/fan you now have a bunch of collectables that will never be produced again! whooohooo to you for getting them while you could. and if you need some more – one last time... or need your very first and only before i go – i'm having a bon voyage blowout sale for the next 2 weeks before i close my etsy shop completely and stop restocking stores.

(closing sale will run from may 6th to may 19th – after that no more prints will be made!)

just like from the beginning,
i could not have started this endeavor without love. 
love from family and friends. love for my very own self and my need to create, inspire and be inspired. but most of all love from my very best friend, confidant and biggest fan – keegan. 
you are my light and rock from where everything begins and ends. i love you.

so really, the spreading of that love will never end as long as people have their prints around... 
and i feel pretty damn excellent about that.
got a bunch of likes on my calendar 
and wanted to see where all the hub bub was coming from –

thanks so much to kaylah of the dainty squid who purchased it 
i remember showing my husband keegan
her cool name when i sent her package.
cool name, hair, AND lady... read on about her and her awesomeness!