check it out as i start making my new portfolio for textile design!
above are some screen shots of pieces i'm adding today...
hopefully i be able to add a few each week from a specific theme.
this theme is called vintage floral folk.

{themes for the future: vintage strawberry vine, dutchy bunny-rabbits, new-folk llamas, quaker's quail, and wild vintage mushrooms. so, stay tuned for more since i'll be making prints of them all for sale in my etsy shop!}

happy monday all!
last week was totally crazy and busy for me in my little world...
but my oasis in the midst of the insanity of my NYC trip was my 1/2 hour of heaven at what is antropologie. i could've spent a million dollars there easily!! but instead, i treated myself to only 2 new dresses...

and gawked for 15 mins at this cardboard chandelier...

can you guess my new project? i can not wait to get started – and it's sooooo perfect since i just happen to have a ton of boxes hanging around here like dust-bunnies in every corner! recycling my boxes + making a big beauty like this = one of the best projects i may ever make. i'll post the completion – someday.
ooooooo - this is my favorite treasury in a long while! sooo beautiful and mindful, too...
happy friday all! xoxoxoxo
last friday my good-old gramps sailed off to meet up with the others that have gone before him...

luckily i still have my grams around who obviously has some serious style –
check out those matching outfits! (that's my mom on the right)

and she had great taste in men, too! gramps was really awesome... and a looker!

7 kids total, farm living, family raising, good old pa dutchies from the lancaster county area – born and raised. gramps died at home in bed with his wife and family around him. can't beat that for good living, and dying. so much love and admiration to you, grandpa.
as promised, here's a quick look at our new chickens!
they are still really skittish so i haven't been able to get any good shots besides this –

1 rhode island red (yet to be named), 1 australorp (blackula for now), 2 ameraucanas (one named goldie hen, and the other named greybeard)

and our first (blue) egg! man, i love raising chickens!

check out this amazing old fruit wagon!
i met mr. mertz (3rd generation mertz, of the kutztown area)
who has been taking care of this piece of history since he was a child –

his great grandfather was j.a. mertz and rode this wagon around selling fruits up and down kutztown...
back when it looked like this...

anyway, mr. mertz said, "you can always tell when's something's pa dutch
because the decor and handywork are extra fancy... since they were a very proud people."

yikes, maybe not so politically correct – but proud nonetheless!

look at that ztown, pa i caught! fantastic!

this morning was the most beautiful i've experienced in a long time. it went like this...
the temperature was perfect and the sunlight was shining brightly as walked down to check on our new chickens. (i'll follow up with some photos of them next week - that is if they're still around!)
{+ you can read here about our lovable flock that got eaten in 2 days just last month. }

and all of a sudden, there she was – the most amazing mother fox i've ever seen! maybe it was because i got within 5 feet from her before she noticed me – but staring at her in that sunlight today filled me with utter joy! despite the fact that she ate every one of my birds. even some that i raised from chicks. i was dumbfounded. it's just so funny how sometimes the things you wage war against – went met face-to-face – melt your heart and change you forever.
and with that, happy friday all –