hee hee! check out me and my little baby-bear on from my hearth to yours...
{beautiful photo taken by cally herself!}

cally writes an amazing blog inspired by her life and motherhood and all that goes along with it – especially the educational yet super fun parts. 
she's always been an inspiration in fun and good times starting from our old school college days 
(a little less wholesome but certainly hilariously enjoyable!) 
and has now completely blossomed into the super-dee-duper fun and educational mom role. it's so great to watch parents having a good time with their kids beyond the "no!" and "stop!" that fills most days. 

she always reminds me how to play and is such a generous soul in her spirit, kind words and positivity... it contagious people, so follow along and feel the goodness it brings.

time is just flying by...

merry christmas and a happy new year!

little update: i am starting 2013 with the best time! luella and i are getting on a schedule and having so much fun. she's growing so fast and i'm soaking it all in. i'm so in love.

this month i will be cleaning my studio and setting up my brand spanking new computer! hooray!
once i'm all set and ready to go i'll be opening the shop with a bang!
i'll spread the word when it's gets closer to showtime...

till then we're sending out love and hugs to all –