here's my wedding banner all ready for the bridal shower tomorrow... i love the way this turned out – i hope they do, too!

some of my new work on maple postcards!! in my shop now - hurry there's not many left over from artstar and renegade (thanks to the lovely kimberly of chez sucre chez who took them along with her!)

i love kind over matter they featured my "wishing you" maple postcard... and i'm so flattered!

two new prints in my shop today! sometimes we all just need a little positivity hanging around... xoxoxox happy friday!
the coop is finally done!!!

jeeze that was hard... (note to readers : chickens take a bunch of up-front work – but then are apparently smooth sailing with a plethora of obvious benefits to reap) so, we've had these three little chicks living in our basement as we worked away getting ready for them to have this wonderful new home and finally... the time has come! thank goodness since they recently tripled in size and our house was starting to really stink!

here are the ladies (ferdie, pepper and clementine) for the first time in their coop...

hanging out by the water cooler...

first meal in the new abode!

pretty spoiled chickens i must say... hope they lay eggs! xoxoxoxo

ps - kitsune is pretty happy they're out of the house, too!

so my hubby got us some work-perk tickets from nikonlive to see the decemberists at the tower in upper darby and i must say it was amazing! i'm not really a concert person but in this case i was in heaven... seated and intimate - just the way i like it. besides the fact that we got the best parking spot, walked in right as they were starting – only to find out we had perfect front and center tickets – the show would have been amazing from outside in the smoking section of the street. but the absolute best part overall was the band as people. they weren't ultra hipster cool – nor were they sulky or overly modest... they were just plain people that made you feel like you knew them. and the icing on the cake? they are funny – really funny. like good, unpretentious humor. gets me every time. beyond all the talents in the world – humor is my most favorite.

i LOVE this room! i'm planning to attempt something like this in my "dining room" this summer. as soon as the forecast shows some consecutively nice days i'll start priming... hopefully i'll remember to take photos so i can post the progression – it's starting as a dark red room and i'm aiming to finish with something light and bright like this...

inspired by my parent's dutchy wedding banner – i've designed this modern, customizable one with folky flair for the young couples of today... check the whole thing out here at my etsy shop!

i've been working on a new identity for a sister shop called tundra dear by kaleprimitifs! she's selected this as her design and i'm super siked about it! it's going to be soooo beautiful! i'll post when it's up and running...

being sick and stuck on the couch has turned me into an online shop-a-holic... i must have these beauties!!!

mmmmm chandelier shopping... now as soon as i get that room repainted i can actually get one of these bad boys...

i love being a part of this dad inspired treasury! thanks to NaomiKimhi for curating...

i just found myself on this wonderful blog – the design alphabet under ssss sizzlin'!... scroll down below the awesome stepanka horalkova to see the lovely write up. it is so flattering and totally pushes me to keep doing what i'm doing! xoxoxox

here's a great little card for dear old dad! only $5 at my etsy shop... and if you really love it – a matching print can be found there, too!

my chicks are no longer chicks! look how big pepper is in the garden!

here's a new little print for the week...
"holding the helm" - only $27!

yey! here's some of us z-towners at artstar craft bazaar! CBS3 has us pictured in their slideshow of the event... on the left is sara smedley, in the middle is karen stanford, and on the right is little ol' me!