happy halloween! check out this spooky rare print i randomly found that is perfect for today...it's just so creepily beautiful and interesting!

here are some cute & simple moving announcement ideas for one of my really great clients in chicago. click on the image for a closer look... in the end, she picked the birds/nest design!

zukzuk is so radical! be sure to check out her fantastically inspiring shop...

tis the season! yey! i found this kutztown alumni through nothing other than the magical wonder of etsy. Jamiee McClellan of Modern Classics has tons of fabulous prints, photos, jewelry and more for sale... check it out! (featured photo: Pumpkins 8x10 print $20)

Jeremy Holmes of Mutt Ink is an awesome inspiration!

yey! i will be selling my original illustrations at my very first indie craft fair!
so, please come on down to the homegrown indie craft fair held october, 19th at the berks county 4-H community center. featured illustration: "mother hawk" signed & matted in cello bag – $27.00

holy crap! the very first image ever captured by the super satellite was what?.... kutztown!

we listened to this great book on tape on our trip to N.C.
i highly recommend it if you've got a long trip coming up
along with any interest into how an autistic mind works...

hooray – yesterday we adopted this rescue pup from last chance ranch in quakertown. she's the sweetest girl and we're so happy to have her! as of now her name is kitsune (kit-zoon) which we got from japanese folklore about fox spirits... (you can't tell so much by the photo – but she really looks like a little fox!)

check out all the beautiful wallpaper from flavor paper!
featured paper: kabloom

as always, sunset beach was amazing this year. we had a couple stormy days but they washed up great weather and hundreds of starfish! we also tracked fox on the dunes, possibly a large cat of some kind, hooked a huge fish, and saw the remains of the sea turtles that hatched! what a wonderland...