come and see my illustrations at the goggleworks! starting august 1st through the 28th my work will be in the "it is what it is" illustration show in the schmidt gallery. opening reception is august 6th, 5:30 - 7:30 with live music by the steeds... now, i know you can't resist –

wow! the many dresses at timelessvintagevixen are killing me with beauty and desire... go there now – but, prepare to drool and have heart palpitations...

my latest obsession... it hurts how much i want these shoes!

yey! johnny and stacie are awesome! i'm so flattered to be a pick on their blog site – they've got great taste and i'm happy to be a part of it! check out their cool stuff like these coasters... and more at their etsy shop. {pictured below: johnnyandstacie's tree ring coasters – $6}

thanks johnny and stacie! xoxoxox
yey! my amazingly crafty friend kimberly of chezsucrechez was recently featured on made by girl – and lucky me – i got to ride her coat-tails by being in one of her lovely inspiration boards! see my little wooden balloon postcard and pennsylvania paper card amongst the fabulous fabric and kimberly's awesome cross-stiching delights...

and if you don't know made by girl she has this awesome blog
and creates a bunch of wonderful prints such as...

and you know i'm all about the love!

find more of her great prints at her etsy shop here

thanks for including me in your awesomeness, chez! xoxoxoxo

how wonderful! this lovely lady contacted me and has requested a custom illustration that she plans to gocco for own unique, hand-crafted wedding invite – and i am so super excited about it! she sent me some beautifully inspiring photos of the spot where she plans to get married, chamomile (her favorite flowers) and the notion of using pheasants. (since it refers to where her and her finace got engaged.) it was all so darn charming and fun i just couldn't resist going all the way and including each element into her design... click on the image for detailed look
so, this month i've been trying to "get my stuff out there" a bit and luckily people have been interested enough to ask – the lovely ladies from artstar contacted me and i've sent them some of my favorite paper cards and wooden postcards to peddle... you can check them out online...

or at their brick and mortar shop in philly on n. 2nd street...

the first from my new line of hex-inspired cards entitled "may the hex be with you!"
this particular luck hex was inspired by my little chicken Clementine who ran away one night to dodge around in the brush. she returned 2 days later safe and sound with a little glimmer in her eye... hence the luck and happy trails brought to whomever receives it...

julie of juliepeach wrote to me this morning and really started my day off with some serious inspiration! i've been dreaming of designing my own textiles for a while now and even though i design for Juna i really feel like i'd like to take it more into my own hands... so, julie wrote me this sweet little note saying she thinks i should turn some of my card prints into textile designs... (see below)

and it was the last little nudge... ok fabric world here i come with a head of steam!!!
{be sure to check out julie's own beautiful textiles and paper printings seen above here!}

yey! i've been making some freshy-style hex prints which will be in my shop asap as a new greeting card collection entitled "may the hex be with you"... i'm so excited to go to the printer with these! the two doodles above are a sneak peek and were inspired by the chickens, corn, and other farm things i've got going on around my humble abode. special note: one doodle will be selected as an exclusive item found at z-town made – i'll post more details when the time comes!

how awesome are these!?!? so, all of us pennsylvania dutch fans have been folkin' it up lately and producing some great pa inspired stuff... and here's someone else with similar dutchy love! made with love by hannah makes these great dutchy hex skirts – check them out along with all the other wonderful things she makes!

so now it's official – i am offering custom illustration work for fellow etsy shop owners... i had such a great first experience that i'm hoping to find more folks out there to work with and help add that finishing retail touch to their awesome handyworks... check out the listing here.

i just received my business card order for tundra dear! i love how they turned out!
(click on the photo for a close up!)

i also, got some new cards for myself...

the colors were all perfect and the quality was the usual – awesome. overnight prints rocks!