oh my goodness! "would you love me" ring by blockpartypress...

hello, readers! i guess it's not really a secret now – i've got a super holiday sale going over at my shop...
20% off all items until january 1st! hop on over and do some happy holiday shopping and saving!

hooray! i got my 1000th heart this weekend! it's taken a while to actually get this etsy shop rolling along – nothing like good ol' sticktoitiveness!

spoonful is made - and i'm in it! you can purchase one at the spoonful etsy shop, or at their website!
what is spoonful? in their words, "Spoonful is a short and inspiring little publication which, in light of our insanely busy lives and increasing 'oh no, I must find time to read x' can be finished by the end of a train ride. It's quick to consume, beautifully soft, & after reading will genuinely make you smile."
i'm so happy to be a part of this awesome publication – and what a great little stocking stuffer, too! xoxoxox

what a super bright & cheery treasury by vintagebearlair! (boy do i LOVE that name!)
2 favorites of today (just adding and adding to my xmas wishlist!)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this citrine mutibubble scarf by clairce. and...

i love the thought of rolling these player piano rolls out and mounting them in a beautiful long frame. and what a beautiful photo by shaving kit supplies.
the z-town made collective in action! here we are at the from scratch indie market. {please forgive the photos - i used my iphone for these shots}

so, here's are booth... this was our first time mixing everything together for a craft show. i think this shot actually has something from everyone in it!

some cards and jen's new hex-sign totes! also showing some of sara's new xmas towels in the corner there...

see our cool little z-town made postcards...

below is my custom banner with chez's sweet little strawberries!

here's sara's awesome apron on kimberly-sized cowgirl without her guns...

check out chez's lovely crafts getting shopped on!

jen's awesome blankets and new screen printed hex-sign towels!

all in all is was a fun day filled with great music, food and company. the only bummer all day was not having our missing link: skylark studio xoxoxoxoxox

my new holiday wooden postcards are in! get yours today –

here's a crafty little idea for my die-cut shapes – holiday found object ornaments! just a hot glue gun and some string and a bunch of collected/dried objects made for a soothing couple of hours... find some for sale at my etsy shop!

happy times in texas! now, you can buy my prints at simply sanctuary!
oh, how i wish i lived closer so i could do some holiday shopping in this awesome little boutique. check out their website to see all the incredible stuff they've got going on in there! thanks so much, hanna!! xoxoxoxo

girl after my own heart! tundradear has created a necklace called kitsune – which is what i named my mini-fox cat-dog! we resecued her last year and after reading about fox spirit folklore we named her accordingly. check out this excerpt: "Kitsune is an animal supposed to be mysterious, fascinating, and mischevious. And he is believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to him, as seen in many tales, and is also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. He is enshrined as a god because of his supernatural power. He is endowed with the subtle art of metamorphosis, and he is able to bewitch men in the guise of a charming girl. An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is." - Kit LaHaise

here she is today all curled up, keeping warm. i know everyone thinks it of their own - but this little dog may be the best creature i've ever shared space with. (besides my husband who is equally in awe of her grace and affection)

oooooo foodgawker is blowing my mind! so many beautiful photos of the best looking food i've ever seen with links to the chefs and their recipes/blogs... {check out the maple carmel custard with sea salt by the seasonal gourmet and the roasted sweet potato soup with fried sage leaves by locallemons.}

now you can buy home love on made by girl, too! super, super thanks to jen for everything... {notice this print is a little less expensive? i'm keeping my price a little higher at spread the love so that i can donate $10.00 to the MS Foundation.}

mmmmm been looking at green sofas lately... here's a beautiful little set-up as inspiration –

come and check me out with all my z-town friends at from scratch this weekend! sat. nov. 4th we'll be selling our goods and having fun out at the trexlertown grange... so, if you're nearby and need something to do – i love to see you there! xoxoxox
today i've decided to start a fire, bake some cookies, and start my holiday wish/inspiration list...

LOVE this plate found at Branch and Birdie

adore these feather earrings by Ten Things

and totally inspired to create something like this for my window sills by Mary's Workshop

happy friday! xoxoxoxox
here's a little sneak peak at what i've been working on...
i loved this design so much that i decided to use if for two prints!
first, a big poster-size print for your home – click here to see the whole poster in my shop! {+bonus: for each poster sold $10 will go to the national MS society!}

and an awesome NEW wedding banner style! check it out...

rebecca from the ardent sparrow wrote to tell me that she had just featured my baby celebration prints on her blog! thank you so much, rebecca! now for the return favor – check out her lovely jewelry below...
(this one almost reminds me of "ring version" of my print!)

we really have a similar color sensibility! be sure to check her out – but note: for the time being her etsy shop is closed while she's out being a new mom! how fun and exciting is that! xoxoxoxo best wishes!
happy monday!
the sun is shining and spread the love has made it to a gift guide and the front page...

{etsy gift guide featuring my "wooden pennsylvania" postcard $5}

{front page featuring "we can spend july there" poster $35}
thanks to all who thought of me xoxoxoxoxoxo