hooray, my european "million view debut" on fab.de starts today!
wish me international luck –
more loveliness from fields and french hens!

her beautiful bucket of flowers this past week...

and a pretty coconut pound cake with big white eggs on top!

all natural, guilt-free baklava!? yes, please!

another beautiful layered strawberry cake,

and finally some awesome bread from stoudts!
i got the dark beer bread on the left that had pumpkin and poppy seeds throughout. it was amazing. just last night made croutons with the left overs that went so wonderfully with my cabbage soup. mmmmmmmm
love these two skyward treasuries!
above: over the moon for you
and below: rainbow brite

what a beautiful friday morning!
happy weekend everyone...
happy spring!
some shots from around the old homestead...

& to all my faithful readers...
a super saver coupon for 50% off all items in the shop!
enter: springcleaning at checkout and stock up
on some pretty stuff for your home or office space.
(this even includes items that are already on sale
for a whopping big-time discount! hooray!)

more from melanie's fields and french hens stand
at the reading fairgrounds market!
doesn't the chalkboard above just make
you want to eat breakfast there right now?
i love her hand-written notes and signs everywhere.

check out this cheddar beer bread! mmm gotta try this soon...
(it sold out before i got some)

gluten, dairy and nut free oatmeal raisin cookies.
(again, trying those next time!)

as always, her pretty flowers add such a warm & charming touch.

also, melanie has also been offering some other local goodies
such as the above yogurt parfait's by phoebe's pure food...

yummy local honey by two gander farm and...

homemade organic dog treats by loretta!

and now she has a few tea-towels
made by us at doubledutch!

hooray for supporting local people doing awesome things...
like i promised...
there's a new poster up in the shop!
{share our name poster - $20}
plus i brought back some old loves from back in the day...
check it out and think bright for spring decorating!
hey there, friends!
whew – it's been hectic around here –
please forgive my lack of melanie's market goodness updates!

man-o-man. need a fantastic raisin muffin for the morning?
these little beauties were amazingly tasty
and not like those muffins from weis
that pack in some serious sugar and calories.
(plus, who knows what some of those bizarre-o
hard-to-pronounce ingredients are in there? yikes!)

point is – get them from melanie and feel happy, not freaked out!

in the essence of spring she made this lovely little pound cake
with sweet little robin eggs on top.

as always she had beautiful flowers –
looking like the perfect st.patty's bouquet, huh?
mmmm i'm like a koala for eucalyptus.

two types of energy bars which i personally love.
packing in protein minus the sugar? yes, thank you.

our little tasting of the week was the spring pound cake and the raisin muffin.
both were amazing as always. i hope to get a bunch of those muffins this week (along with my usual: lavender cookies).

oh how i love this little adventure.
every week i can't wait until thursday rolls around.
i do my printing in the morning and then head to the market
to treat myself for working so hard.
hope all of you are making time to do the same...

check out the inspirational co-founders of fab.com in this little video...

my favorite thing about them and their business
is how their success ultimately came directly out of failure.
acknowledging the failure, looking at it with a critical eye,
and then choosing to make change –
some of my favorite things to do in life...
it's what makes life worth living.
oh! i'm too excited –
check out this beautiful book i just picked up:
i heart stationary by charlotte rivers...

there are so many lovely artists
and such beautiful work throughout...

i love 1canoe2 – they make the most amazing letterpress items.
(i especially love their highlighted recipe cards!)

oh there are so many pages of goodness i can hardly stand it!

and then there's me!!!
i LOVE this.
(plus i'm next to gemma correll who just blows my socks off)
i'm so honored and flattered and gitty with excitement.
thank you universe! and of course, charlotte.
the book is amazing.

european fab, here i come...

since my sale went so well in the US
i'm having a campaign run in the end of march on fab.de

unfortunately, you won't be able to check it out here in the states
but if you have any euro-friends who may interested –
please pass along the exciting news!
wish me luck.
hope i'm as well received there
as i am here in my old, "home town".

did you know? there's a calendar SALE going on over at the shop?
in honor of leap year all calendars are 50% OFF this week!