hey ya'll – just a suggestion...
since my edward sharpe print is one of my best sellers of all time 
i figured i should check out:
basically the zeros along with mumford & sons and old crow medicine show take a tour across the country in amazingly beautiful vintage railroad cars and make you really wish you were doing it too...
my friend mary summed it up well as inspiring a serious wanderlust. 
personally, i LOVED the part where they play with the local high school marching band – cause you know i have a special place in my heart for HS band! so the hubs and i have talked about a xcountry train ride and this really may have sealed the deal. 
gyspy style train ride? oh heck yeah.

what an awesome photo, right!?
oh susan, i love you. 
but seriously, who doesn't?

last week i got the most exciting news;
susan sarandon purchased one of my prints!
gaaaaaahhh how stinkin' cool is that!?
 she found it in a great little boutique in atlanta that carries my work called young blood

another cool photo, right?

then in a strangely coinscidental way susan popped up in my life again.

it looks like she is one of the hosts of the fifth annual blossom ball for the endometriosis foundation along with dr. seckin who preformed my laparoscopy back in 2008 –

and what timing since my new little babe is about to be 4 months and i'm feeling so super happy to have been able to actually become a mother despite having endometriosis. 

funny. the print susan bought is one i have in little bear's room 
since i made it while i was dreaming of her.
it's simply the lyrics from the toto song: 
"hold the line - love isn't always on time"
... or maybe it's exactly on time? 
just like susan.

love that this was named "love you"...

i am 

the happiest girl

in the world.

thank you to all my customers who make my business what it is...
my new computer is blowing my mind and i love how great it looks next to the crazy old stone of my house. new and old. my inspiration continues...

um. how cute is she?

gemma has a lovely blog called typically.pretty.english

 and an etsy shop called silver shed

and featured me today in a nice little wish list collection...

thanks for sharing some love, gemma!

wowee! i'm back!
can you believe it!? 
am i crazy? 
is my baby a perfect dream-boat who sleeps all day and just coos all night?

heck no. i'm a ragged mess. 

but i still want to keep at it, so i'm opening the shop once again...
{it may not last– so just a warning. 
this a a trial run, and if i really start drowning in it all i'll humbly bow out asap.}

so what have i been up to?

well, it's been super COLD around these parts lately.

and so we've been trekking out – 
but only into the back yard, since baby bear swallows air like it's water when it's cold and windy!

(still she's surviving, and even offers up a fist pound and 
check it out – i brushed my hair and have makeup on!)

most of my days are spent like this:

ha! who am i kidding?

they're actually like this:

so how will i ever get any work done?

well, it's called baby jail...

just kidding.

no but really it's tough, so i'll only be shipping orders once a week and holding off on the custom orders until the spring. (seriously, my mom brain will have all of your names and dates messed up FOR SURE.)

so, stay tuned for new items popping up here an there and please enjoy 40% off your entire order with my coupon code: IMBACKBABY40 which you can enter at checkout!
(coupon expires at 5pm tonight so hurry now!)

and big thanks to monday's child yesterday...

what a sweet blog post from my lovely friend christin kelley.
christin has been such a help to me on my leave posting to my spread the love facebook page and keeping me afloat with all things biz like – i just can't wait to hire her as my sales rep! 
ahhh one day.

i love you people and couldn't do all this without ALL of you –
hugs to you and wish me luck...