what an awesome photo, right!?
oh susan, i love you. 
but seriously, who doesn't?

last week i got the most exciting news;
susan sarandon purchased one of my prints!
gaaaaaahhh how stinkin' cool is that!?
 she found it in a great little boutique in atlanta that carries my work called young blood

another cool photo, right?

then in a strangely coinscidental way susan popped up in my life again.

it looks like she is one of the hosts of the fifth annual blossom ball for the endometriosis foundation along with dr. seckin who preformed my laparoscopy back in 2008 –

and what timing since my new little babe is about to be 4 months and i'm feeling so super happy to have been able to actually become a mother despite having endometriosis. 

funny. the print susan bought is one i have in little bear's room 
since i made it while i was dreaming of her.
it's simply the lyrics from the toto song: 
"hold the line - love isn't always on time"
... or maybe it's exactly on time? 
just like susan.

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