hey friends!

here's a little look at my little Lu's 1st birthday party.
we decided on a native american theme since it was the perfect time of year 
and this house had seen many indians in its day. 
we read history about the very many indians and black bear 
in this area in the 1790's and thought it be kinda cool to pay some homage.

since i only had 5 invites to make 
i went crazy and really made them special. 
hand drawn envelopes with pop-up teepee invites arrived at each mailbox.

• • • • •

then i started on the headdresses.
again only 6 so i went crazy.
luckily, i have a plethora of crafting supplies 
and used swatch leather scraps and my old invite adornments 
to make each one super nice. i only had to buy feathers and elastic. 
all that craft saving over the years is finally paying off!

every kid got a headdress and a goodie bag 
with tiny treasures inside.

made a little teepee to go atop my 

 and a little "luella" flag was all it needed...

Lu was in great spirits! 
she was a little stunned to wake up from her nap 
to a ton of peeps in her house but she rolled with it quite well. 
and kept her headdress on all day. 
(we did practice. but she loves "hats" anyway.)

then we ate cake,

hooted like a tribe,

ran around for an arrowhead hunt,

and sat in a teepee.

it was great.