just finishing up some wedding items around the studio today...

first, remember the custom ketubah i mentioned a while back?
well, here it is all finished up and beautiful!
click on the image for a detailed view

i love how this finally turned out. hope they enjoy it as much as i do!
{big thanks to Macall and her Mom for helping with the hebrew lettering.}

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

and second, a lovely garden wedding invite for emma and andrew...
again click the image for a close up!

i had such a great time making this invite and emma sent some wording inspiration 
the modern/casual wording and layout are soooo appealing to me – 
hope their guests love it as much as we did.
{congrats emma and andrew!}

this past weekend kicked off with a trip to the market...

ooooh lala - lovely fruity cakes with pansies on top!

i think this was banana walnut layered cake – mmmm
(wish i would have had a piece!)

but i did get to try this – lemon poppyseed cornbread!
the combination of cornbread and lemon is fantastic.

and the stacks of interesting cookies just never get old.
(plus, do you see the chocolate covered rice cakes? what a great idea!)

then around the homestead,
we had a zillion of these big boys harping away...
(what big ears they have! better to hear their lovers calling.)

and keegan keeps up with his second hive – while kritter supervises.
(she knows not to go too close since she's been stung before!)

and here's a close up!
check out these little ladies just chatting away on their way out –
and look at all that pollen they have on their back legs. so neat!
(bees feed the protein-rich pollen to their young.)

well, that's about it for our weekend besides having the MS walk in the cold and rain. no photos this time since we were all covered in ponchos and umbrellas.
oh well, it was fun nonetheless –
hope you're having a wonderful wednesday!

happy thursday friends!
love it when i'm in a treasury where i can honestly say i love every item featured!
off to the market today – hope you have a great one...

hey folks!
here's another long-ish post that may require a cup of tea and a cookie...
last friday (to kick off our date night)
it was amazing!

here are the photos from some of my favorite parts –

(the whole auctioneer family was awesome. the auctioneer himself had a great roll and referred to his wife as the computer (*computa* in his dutchy accent) as she hand wrote all the bids and recorded all the sales and payments. the kids held the items and delivered them to the buyers.)

fascinating people come out of the woodwork for auctions like this!
i love people watching.

amazing! i love everything about this.

so many good books!

this group of hand painted studies above was the only thing i really wanted. unfortunately, we didn't have time to wait until it was up for bid...

more awesome books, obviously.

one room school house chalkboard notebook.
i love imagining a bunch of little people learning to write their letters on this...

not too sure exactly what this was about – but very interesting for sure.
(see the guy looking in the keyhole? bizarre.)

well, that about sums it all up.
great time with the pa dutch. as always.

wow, what an amazing day today.
it's 88 degrees here with a lovely breeze –
welcome home summertime sights, smells and sounds!

speaking of, here's a little sneak update to our bees. keegan checked over our hive and reset some things before getting our second this past weekend (another update to come)...

smoke is important - no bee stings for me.

they are looking great and starting to really get some honey going!
mmmmmm i can barely wait.

{click either or both photos for a detailed view!}

keeg collected some educational elements of the hive to show his nieces...
the dark brown comb is old and the light, buttery comb is freshy fresh.
below that the little larvae were examined and we did find some mites. (eww)
luckily it's normal to have some – you just don't want a bunch in there.
(man, the mites are so gross - we watched a video on their life cycles and i was so grossed out and felt bad for our pretty little ladies. ugh)

that's it for now but more to come with our new hive. sadly i was feeling ill and couldn't go to take photos of the pick-up but i'll at least show how nice it looks with more than one out there. to be continued...
happy day to everyone!

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{Dedicated to the strongest man I've ever known.
That's him there on the right. xoxoxo}

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