this little doodle about sums up how i feel right now - i'm the baked potato!

so far vacationing in Costa Rica has been fantastic! we're staying at Cafe Playa Negra and for $36 a night it can not be beat!
{photo of the merchando across the street.}

wow, i love sukie! i just stumbled upon them in blind luck! everything is amazing, fun, inspirational, adorable, and affordable! [above: "special" which is one of the many hard backed Indian Journals they sell from their super cute site.]

check out my new postcard collection for sale at

i've been trying to make some paper jewelry lately... i should have checked these people out months ago - very inspiring! images from left,right,bottom: laminated skulls and such paper jewelry paper folding jeweler Leila Batten and flax dangle pendent by Jessica Beels

random find! i can't remember were I found this - but it's totally awesome!

a new concept for me called outside friends!
each friend has it's own friendly feature :
pig has the smarts,
bunny has the love,
bear has the luck,
squirrel has his head in the clouds ( in a good way!),
and bird can fly!
pick and choose your favorite!

this series called mr. meaty is incredible! i recently found them on the nickelodeon channel while babysitting... they are hilarious - unfortunately they only lasted for 3 episodes. (apparently, they offended some veggies with absolutely no humor.) check out the other work by creator jamie shannon on youtube. i'm totally inspired to make a short - we'll see if it ever happens...

who hasn't had one of those moments where if they had only just remembered to hit save...#@*! that sucks!

illustration friday submission to homage. i am paying homage to the django reinhart gypsy jazz that has been beaten into my head over and over for the last 4 years - thanks to my husband. somehow i still find it wondrous and amazing... and especially good on late summer afternoons. my crush to pay homage to.