is it seriously snowing out there!? boooooooooooo
well, as my husband and i recoup from this terrible sickness going 'round
i decided to take the day to doodle...
which brought me to 2 new prints up in the shop!

below is entitled: two of a kind for that special couple you know...

and since i'm headed to brooklyn in june for renegade...

much thanks to melissa loves for posting my moth love print in this
"soft blue with a little pink" collage!
{wait, holy crap is that my print next to a boygirlparty print!? what a warm and fuzzy moment...}

huh? i stumbled onto the whole tumblr/likeable world...
woah. i have no idea what's going on here... but i'm in there somehow?
i may be feeling the twinges of cyber-old-age. i'll never be able to keep up with all the ways of spreading things through the inroweb... anyway, super thanks to everybell for noticing my wherever print!

yey! i'm starting a new little collection of three-dimensional pieces:
print/decoupage/paint wood plaques!
i plan to make a bunch for the upcoming craft fairs... and hopefully put some up in the shop, too.
slight-gloss finish with a hole in the back for a flush hang.

+ there's nothing better than getting to use the dremel in the springtime!

a husband and wife duo in nashville called weatherfolk commissioned me to make this illustration as cover art for their debut EP. as you may guess she said when they preform she wears a pretty dress, and he wears his favorite shirt and tie...

{now, if only someone could sew up a real dress like this for me! oh, how i wish i had a magical microwave that i could put a doodle in and have it cook up into real life...}

anyway, here they are in mississippi in their good ol' shirt and dress – awwwww so cute! who doesn't love husband and wife collaborations... xoxoxoxo thanks casey and ken!

happy monday, all! just found myself on happy cavalier...

super thanks to these awesome blogs for featuring my work! xoxoxoxoxo
happy st.patrick's day!

here's a sweet little boutonni̬re craft for the day Рby the ever-awesome martha stewart...

it's official! i will be at both artstar

{penn's landing, philadelphia may 15th-16th}

AND renegade (brooklyn) this year!

{mccarren park, brooklyn | june 5th - 6th}

come on out and visit my booth! i will have all the goodies found in my esty shop + more!
hope to see you there – ahhhhh i can't wait for summer time and the outdoors...
check out spread the love in this fantastic spring swag giveaway!!

head over to the ardent sparrow...
and find me there with three other shops today – giving away store credits to the lucky winners!
all you have to do is check out the shops and comment on what you would want to buy if you win...
so much thanks to Rebecca who writes and creates this amazing blog! xoxoxoxoxo

wedding invitation poster! as beautiful as 1, 2, 3!

click on the image for a closer look + check out the cool little enclosures – each indicate the details of the dinner party and reception in the shape of the ribbon... this experience was so great – i'm thinking about offering the style in my etsy shop! couples could simply send me their silhouette photos and colors ideas & wha-la... wedding posters for all! {hey, wanna see how it's made? find out here}