ahhhh - we are on our wonderful 2 week vacation at sunset beach, nc.
i'll post some great highlights of our days...

this is what it's like at the estuary a minute down the road.
so beautiful and serene.

very tame and sweet little deer like this hang out in the dunes on the 3 minute walk to the beach...

and good old kritter LOVES running on the beach. can you tell she's into it?

more to come...
2 new prints up in the shop today!

haussegen - a family banner!
and feather your nest - a sweet and simple print for fall..
it's already made it to a treasury, too! thanks blackbird and peacock
well, it's finally happened!
i moved my studio from a little bedroom on the other side of the house to the separate apartment room above the kitchen. i've been saving my earnings and took many trips to ikea for my basic desk, table, cabinet needs...

here's my awesome hubs helping me assemble the desk and tables –

after thinking and rethinking i went with the galant system (left corner desk and the extension tables) for my computer and drawing areas.

i also got this radical free-standing cabinet from the kitchen section to serve as my shipping station –

it goes really well with the emerging theme which is: "white, metal, and wood"and all of my tubes, boxes and bags fit so perfectly inside!

here's a view from where i sit at the computer...

since all of the walls are stone in this attic room i had to come up with some creative alternatives. i used nickel plated mesh wire to string across the stone walls for my inspirational matter and i got two of the white alex drawer units for all of my inventory...

+ a couple weeks ago i salvaged a great old laundry bin to serve as my cardboard and recycling catcher. (you can see it in the above photo - right below my hanging posters)
and that's about it – simple and effective!
it feels really great to have worked hard and been able to create this space all on my saved earnings. i feel like it's the first big step to really standing on my own with this little business. so, thanks for all the help and support – i couldn't have done it without all of my loyal spreadthelove fans!
i'm so in love with the photography of jon van holleben!
all of it is just my style - fun and simple.

i can't wait to have kids and make photos like this with kitsune –

and just recently my lucky-duck husband got us an inside deal on a nikon D90 so let the photography begin! plus, we have the most perfect slope in our yard for set-up like these–
and awesome little hams that belong to all our friends...
i'll post shots once we do some experimenting!