i LOVE sushipot! nothin better than little decoupage wonders – especially when they're done so well!

oh, what a beautiful time of year!! so do you know anyone with a fall anniversary coming up? or maybe you need a perfect anniversary gift for your lovely husband or wife? i'm simply loving these new wedding banners inspired by the colors of the season {click on the image for a closer look!} married in 1989 and still going strong – talk about inspiration...

yey! they've finally arrived! i'm so happy with how these how turned out –
you can buy them now at my etsy shop in a pack of 3 for $12... but hurry, only 10 of each are left!

also, while working with the veneer i've custom made a bracket shaped die-cut of my very own! now i can create beautiful wooden wedding invites, personal cards or just blank little notes in this great shape!

yipee! check out my wedding banners on madebygirl– super thanks to jen for making me a part of her beautiful new website! xoxoxoxox

CRAFTLAND is awesome! i tell ya what – these people have their stuff together! two months ago they asked me to be a part of craftland: the year-round store – and for the last two months i've gotten two shiny, beautiful checks from work sold – and it only seems to be getting better! CRAFTLAND started as a month-long holiday sale and has now progressed into a year-round thing – but alas, their original holiday show is quickly approaching and i can't wait to be a part – whooo hooo! i can only imagine from sales so far that these guys are going to help me out a little with those heaping holiday bills! so, if you happen to be near providence, RI in the next month – be sure to venture out into this place and pick up some awesome hand-made fun for the peeps you love... just check out all the awesome stuff they've got going on here...

mmmm just added a new postcard to my little shop – house is made as a wooden postcard! so perfect!
+ along with that you can find my PA postcard and my Home postcard, too! happy friday!

i LOVE this folk polish cut paper art – otherwise known as Wycinanki (pronounced vee-chee-non-key)
wow! i'm so inspired to give back latetly – i just can't get enough!

since i have endometriosis –
my husband and i are in the works of tag-teaming a new website for the wonderful endometriosis foundation of america.

since my daddy has MS –
i just found out about (my awesome bud) kimberly's mom, candi and her ride for MS – so, i'd love to post something in my shop next week with a percentage of proceeds going to her mom's bike tour. {check out what kimberly's doing to help her mamma raise some moola}

and lastly, since my etsy shop is called spread the love –
i found this great little foundation helping to build schools in ethiopia so i'm creating a project just for them where a percentage of proceeds go to donations to their project called spread the love!

holy awesome! decor8 featured me in etsy-take-five-tuesday today! whoopie! xoxoxox

yey! karen featured me on HIP! just as i was getting my tummy all disected in NY - karen was featuring my happy little PA barn print... even though NY is great – i will always miss my home sweet home in good old pennsylvania while i'm out of town...
+ more love while i was out –
slipcover your life featured me with the kindest words after finding me via that awesome little lady known as kimberly scola of chezsucrechez! thank you so much to each of these wonderful ladies - such a great boost to get me back in the swing of things! xoxoxoxox