here they are – all ready for the halloween holiday! if you love 'em you can now purchase my new halloween cards at my etsy shop or my shopblog...

yey! each pretty penny featured my custom wedding banner today! thanks julie! xoxoxo

...coming soon to my little etsy shop! holiday cards by the handful for all ages!

i created this little guy for my good friend who has recently opened an etsy shop called poopie pastries! she makes diaper cakes with great fabrics in beautiful color combos! i though she may need a little story of a character who makes all of her cakes with lots of love and cuteness – thus, emelia – the little poopie pastry chef!
Alice and Martin Provensen are such a wonderful inspiration as I start to get back into painting...

And, there's always my forever favorite... by Wende and Harry Devlin xoxoxoxox

It's crazy how much these illustrations shaped my life as a child. I would get lost in every bit of it and still do! I love to think that some kid out there is growing up with my print on their wall and may remember it fondly as an adult. Wow, how simple dreams can come true and fill your life with utter happiness!
i LOVE boogaloos by blabla!

they've got a great story, a great product, and fantastic sense of color and design! check out their shop and find so many wonderful things guaranteed to make you smile...
thanks for a beautiful front page etsy!

and a beautiful treasury by tundradeer!

i adore these hankies! such great color and design – check the rest of avril's awesomeness here!

i LOVE marykate mcdevitt! holy crap her stuff is so awesome! very ironic, too since i was just hoping to get back into painting... i recently bought new brushes and paint and also some shaped wood planks and a bark-trimmed rounds at michaels the other day! (like she has used in that radical sasquatch painting!) even more ironic – she's living in lancaster! (my hometown!) well, luckily we do have different styles (so i won't be cramping her style with my new paintings) – but heck, i sure am inspired!!! i especially freakin love her mini goals chalkboards! xoxoxoxoxox
{featured items: mini goals chalkboard (get some stuff done) – $30.00 | mini goals chalkboard (good morning) – $30.00 | sasquatch painting - $65.00}

ooooo for the visionaries is SO awesome!!! i mean, it's like i've found a similar soul out there in this great big, crazy clusterjam. now all is just so right and good in the world. check them out and you'll feel the same...

yey! this great little blog featured my balloons the other day – xoxoxo thanks vintage tart!

since i've been really into "home" inspired art lately – here's the home that inspires me. awwww – my very own home sweet home! happy friday! xoxoxox

here i go again! but this time i'm ready to get advertising!... check out my newest endeavor called shop melanie linder
happy friday, people! check out some new items in my etsy shop today... there's something for everyone: cards for loved ones, lavender paper pouches, bee fights and a pretty poster...

{pictured items from top to bottom}
bounty hex cards – $20.00 for a pack of 3!
lavender pocket pouch – $10.00
bee fights and facts – $7.00
we can spend july there... – $35.00

here's a sneak peek at a new card pattern i can't wait to print! "bee fight" was inspired by my dog and husband's recent bee stings... "there are bees in the willow trees!" (what a rad little image – bees in the willow trees?) anyway, click on the image for a super detailed look...
wow! check out my new favorite shop called mitrebox! this wondrous framing studio out of minneapolis looks so charming and inviting i wish i lived right next door...

be sure to check out their website and read all about the awesome artistic oasis they've got going on featuring: fabulous local artists, radical custom framing and so much more!

what a pretty treasury! thanks to sewnsunday who put me in this lovely blue treasury today! check out her terrific etsy shop for awesome little beauties like this...

{sewnsunday's pictured item: Feather and Flora Clutch - only $24.00!}