happy snow-melting monday!
whew, that storm was kinda nuts, huh! we lost many of our ornamental pear trees and our power for about 24hrs or so. it was sad about the trees but definitely romantic with candles lit and just the fireplaces burning on saturday night. sunday we spent the day with friends sitting in their yard making snowmen and literally watching the snow melt. i think i got a sunburn from all the reflection. somehow the snow relaxed me and got me ready to jump-start this busy week.

also, as a nice little push –
2 of my calendars on poppytalk in their
calendar round-up part 3!

hope you're all safe and warm!
that's right! hike on over to the shop for some savings!
{photo of autumn trail found here}
happy wednesday!

happy friday everybody!
so, this morning i entered the 2012 world tour sketchbook project
and i must say that i'm getting pretty psyched up about it!
my theme is: fears and tears
(which i will have no problem with since this past year has been a serious bruiser). i think it will be specifically titled:
fears and tears – the infertile years.

then after january 31st my sketchbook along with thousands of others
will take a tour traveling from libraries to galleries and little pop-up shops
all around the world for the masses to view.

what a great idea, right? want to join in?
enter here by october 31 and get your sketches out there for the world to see!

lucky for me – i'm super busy getting ready
for the holiday shows coming up this season.
want to come find me? here's where i'll be...


philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

come find me in philly at the first annual holiday art star craft bazaar!

i'll be there in person with my usual booth buddy,
kimberly of chez sucre chez.
Mark your calendar: November 18-20.
Nov. 19th and 20th are FREE and open to the public.
Friday, November, 18th from 6-9 pm is a VIP Preview night.
(Tickets are $25 for the preview. Space is limited – purchase tickets here)


providence, RHODE ISLAND

lucky me – all my work will be available
up at craftland's 10th annual holiday show!

i will not be there in person but i sure will be in spirit. they are soooo amazing up there at craftland i wish i was closer just to hang out! if you happen to be close or visiting family be sure to stop in and see the plethora of major goodness.
Mark your calendar: November 25 – December 31, 2011
They are open seven days a week 10am - 6pm. +
the store is open late Thursdays and Saturdays 10am - 8pm.




whooohooo! too bad i won't be there in person –
but again, definitely in spirit!
unglued is opening a pop-up holiday shop
in downtown fargo. now how cool is that?
Mark your calendar: Black Friday - Chirstmas Eve!
They'll be in downtown Fargo every Friday- Sunday til xmas eve. They also plan to have workshops and fun stuff for the kids to do so if you're in the area make sure to be there!

other than that i'll just be working away filling orders here in my little home studio.
here's wishing everyone a happy kick-off to the holiday season!

happy thursday friends!
well, the day is almost over and i still didn't get to craft it up like i planned
but i did get to put up a new inspirational/reminder print for anyone working their tail off trying to make something of themselves...

inspired by the tao te ching (translated by stephen mitchell) – one of my favorite books when i'm feeling like i need some direction. every chapter has such wisdom and i feel comfort in all of lao tzu's words. i really recommend the pocket version – so it can go anywhere with you!

hopefully blending it with some folk-style beauty will help bring the wisdom of lao tzu into 2011. crazy to think his words from 604 BC are still being put into practice – now that's some history.

oh and i almost forgot! can't wait to finish this project i'm working on...
it's going to be a ketubah! (traditional jewish wedding "agreement")

aggggg i can't wait – it's going to be be sooooo beautiful!
stay tuned to see the final piece...

so what was the big idea?... canvas calendars!
printed full-color canvas calendars
mounted on lightweight wood and strung up for hanging in your favorite place! i can't wait to try more and have a full-on crafty day this week –
i'll post more soon...