happy holidays!!
{pastel vintage cookie awesomeness can be found here}
hope everyone had the warmest and most joyful days of the year –
can't wait for 2012...
awwww darn.
i know having free-range chickens is risky and you must always prepare for death on all fronts – but man it's still a bummer when you find your girl-friend chewed up on a dreary night.
RIP ladyhawk. we will miss your funny personality and the way you would chase the mail lady.

this time it was no fox. this time {almost too fitting for her name} it was a monster hawk. and almost out of spite that darn hawk only ate her little neck and left her body untouched. at least mrs. fox was feeding her young - naturally we felt better about that.

so i plucked her feathers and plan to roast her for christmas.
we decided it would be the best way to honor her. then in the quiet morning rain as i pulled her beautiful green and orange feathers i had a moment where i felt as if i was doing what so many people had done before in the yard of this old house and that somehow it made me more connected. and i guess more than anything... i thank her for that.
oh my goodness – can this be real!!!???

my Each Day calendar is on Oprah.com!

i'm feeling like i've officially broken into some kind of new world.
to have anything i do associated with OPRAH
is blowing my socks off right now.
thank you universe.
wow, hard work and a steady hand really does pay off.
believe you can do something and run towards it –
i promise something awesome will happen.

whooohooo thanks apartment therapy!
i LOVE every single one.

happy mid-week everyone!

below is a lovely treasury...

by sara from nova lily
thanks so much for including my just sending postcard!

if you're interested in getting a inspirational {and FREE} wallpaper for your i-phone you can select artwork from 26 etsy artists – including my new invincible spring piece!

check it out over at kind over matter

be sure to scroll all the way down – i'm at the very bottom!
what a cool and generous idea for the holidays, right!?
as always – thanks, amanda!
holey toledo – check it out!
my "bless this" print is featured in a lowes creative ideas project!

we get this lowes creative ideas issue every once and a while and to my surprise when i flipped the latest one open i found my print in a master bedroom big reveal!

(aaaaaggg – the colors of the room even match the print!
i may have to use this as inspiration for my own spare room.)

then i logged online at the website and checked out the entire story – so cool!
as it turns out , lowes is following a young couple (becky and derek) on how they choose renovate their first home with the lowes creative ideas team. i LOVE the idea and i LOVE that they have my print hanging in that beautiful new room!

the story of huntin' for a tree...

we went up and down all the rows
until we found the douglas firs

where kritter found her favorite.
(it was very bright that day!)

so we found some help

and even met this little guy in the checkout line

and went home very content.

what a nice pick – it sure is a beauty.
and it smells like clementines!

the end.

and here they are!
it's been almost two months and our vanilla extract
is turning to a golden shade of awesome.
the illustrated "how-to" tag makes them such a sweet and complete gift.
can't wait to hand them out to friends and family –
oh hello, friends!
check out my 12 days of cheer voucher over at oh hello, friend!