holey toledo – check it out!
my "bless this" print is featured in a lowes creative ideas project!

we get this lowes creative ideas issue every once and a while and to my surprise when i flipped the latest one open i found my print in a master bedroom big reveal!

(aaaaaggg – the colors of the room even match the print!
i may have to use this as inspiration for my own spare room.)

then i logged online at the website and checked out the entire story – so cool!
as it turns out , lowes is following a young couple (becky and derek) on how they choose renovate their first home with the lowes creative ideas team. i LOVE the idea and i LOVE that they have my print hanging in that beautiful new room!


Jen Lindsay Design said...

that's so cool mel!

christin kelley said...

really impressive lady friend. lovin' spreading the love :)