awwww darn.
i know having free-range chickens is risky and you must always prepare for death on all fronts – but man it's still a bummer when you find your girl-friend chewed up on a dreary night.
RIP ladyhawk. we will miss your funny personality and the way you would chase the mail lady.

this time it was no fox. this time {almost too fitting for her name} it was a monster hawk. and almost out of spite that darn hawk only ate her little neck and left her body untouched. at least mrs. fox was feeding her young - naturally we felt better about that.

so i plucked her feathers and plan to roast her for christmas.
we decided it would be the best way to honor her. then in the quiet morning rain as i pulled her beautiful green and orange feathers i had a moment where i felt as if i was doing what so many people had done before in the yard of this old house and that somehow it made me more connected. and i guess more than anything... i thank her for that.

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Jen Lindsay Design said...

oh no mel! well, i'm glad i just had a good hang with her. sorry.