my goodness. who wouldn't love everything made by thomas paul.
he's my dream come true... too much? still, i love his work more than most things i've ever seen...
oh, yey!! craftsbury kids is using my "who sang best" print on their home page!!
i've just got to give up some super thanks to all the people out there helping me sell my artwork –
i can now safety say that i really love and cherish the friendship/work-ships i have with all the women who represent my art. ahhhh, what a wonderful world to be living in these days!
hooray, it's a new living room!
so, when we purchased our new (old) house this little room was very dark and dreary. it was painted deep brick red from top to bottom with gold trimmings and creme curtains... needless to say – i really disliked it! so, upon moving in it was my first project to paint – but after doing so it's just kinda been left naked for taking photos and keeping up with orders/shipping... until now! thinking about buying a couch has made me start arranging and decorating which is so fun!
i really LOVE making wall art clusters such as the one below...

{one of my favorite parts of doing this process is finding random things i love around the house an making them into art. bottom: frame holds a lovely hand written note from our niece and nephew mailed to us from vermont. top left: is one of my childhood books (little red riding hood) opened to the best page and stuck in a frame. top right: a full fashion page ripped from a vintage 1967 LIFE magazine as color inspiration for this room.}

{tips for trying this at home: have fun & find your favorite art from the past. (scan them in if you don't want to part with them) layout your framed pieces on the floor and rearrange until you like the layout then use 3M/command removeable adhesive hooks to try out your wall art first. perfect as a test drive before you commit to putting holes in your walls!}

new print, new obsession! dang – i just can't get this song out of my head...
so sweet! the lovely, Anastasia of dr. frankenbaby's monster made me her etsy find friday pick! i LOVE this blog – it's humorous, informative and super inspiring... oh, the wonderful world of blogs and the awesome people behind them! thanks again, anastasia! xoxoxoxox

whew! happy friday, all!
so, today i wanted to show some back story to my work... since i actually have a lot of people ask "how do you make what you're making" or "do you draw this stuff on the computer" – i decided to show a little behind the scenes process...

below is the beginning of my Home Love poster:

• first i'll map it all out by drawing and redrawing what i want to make over and over. (as you can see on the left) taking from doodles i make for weeks or sometimes all in one sitting.

• once i'm satisfied, i'll redraw it all again with my Staedtler or Micron ink pen.
(hey, you can see some of my Chemical-free Home doodles there on the same sheet of tracing paper!)

here's a photo below of it close up – all nice and tidy.
then i scan it in, vectorize, break it apart, and add color! see the finished piece here...

{little tip: it's so funny how some people think tracing paper is for jerks or cheaters. haha, i say! no way - it's the best way to work! especially if you're afraid of a blank sheet of paper in a sketch book. if this is you – you're not alone - but you're thinking about it all wrong. just start you're doodling and be free. find what you like about the first drawing and trace it on to the next. example: you draw a bird and you love the head and beak - but got the body all wrong. don't crumple it up and start all over! simply trace your head and beak and work on the body until you get it right.}

ok, next is my latest work in progress –
i was commissioned to create a really unique and fun wedding invitation for a couples small ceremony in april... we decided on making a large poster inspired by one of my and their favorite artists. (alphonse mucha) so, a poster will be mailed to friends and family as a piece of art to be framed as well as the invite to their wedding.

below you can see the process began like this... first doodle on the very left. the couple took photos and made vector images of their silhouettes and i created the poster around that...

and here it is all vectorized and colored... so beautiful! it's kinda modern/folky twist on a mucha poster which is exactly what i'm aiming for in life overall – so this makes me super happy and proud to have accomplished.

well, hope you enjoyed this little journey into my life and work! feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions – or if you want your own crazy cool custom wedding poster invite! xoxoxoxoxoxox

another radical illustrator with a really awesome and inspiring website!
check antja drescher out!

(wow, how cool is this one! xoxoxoxoxo)

happy valentine's day!!! don't you just love these cookies – especially since they're not the traditional red and pink combo + they remind me of spring and warmer weather... hallelujah! hope everyone's having a lovely, romantic, sweet, and memorable day – xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
inspired by a beautiful little accordion i have - big ol' moths prints can now be found at the shop! check them out and let me know if you have a specific color combo you want to try... it's surprising how much i like they way this looks in my house. who knew a big moth could be so cool?

just arrived - a little late but better late than never... valentine veneer postcards for all! 
and luckily love isn't only popular just around this time of year –  xoxoxoxoxoxo
just sharing a cool little way to use your dad's old antlers! my pop had some antlers hanging around the garage for years so i asked if i could scoop them up for projects... first thing i did (besides using them for props in photos) was make this dried-flower holder thing. the little flowers stems got tucked perfectly down into the cranial cavity making the most beautiful wall art! try it with your own "out-cast" antlers - it's lovely, cheap and easy! xoxoxoxo thanks, dad!
how awesome is this!? i was commissioned by the lovely jessica to turn one of my wedding banners/home love posters into something her guests could sign as witnesses of their union. so i created this new layout with lots of space for signatures. {click the image for a close up. i think she may have 350+ people signing this thing! it measures 24" x 36" and will look AMAZING when printed that size!}
 i'm so very happy with the way it turned out that i plan to offer it as a new item in the shop asap!
i found my poor lovely red star hen named shaniqua this morning... as a pile of feathers. i think a clever mr. fox gobbled her up sometime last night... (shaniqua is on the left in the back - center of the photo) we will miss your calm personality and large brown eggs miss shaniqua feather-bottom! RIP 02.02.10
a new print inspired by my pal, bethany! spread your love like butter on toast! find it at my shop here...
{you may take notice – i'm having a bunch of fun trying a new technique for lettering - i hand paint the words with watercolors and then scan them in to make my own awesome typography! whooohoo, it's even more fun than it looks... xoxoxoxo}