hooray, it's a new living room!
so, when we purchased our new (old) house this little room was very dark and dreary. it was painted deep brick red from top to bottom with gold trimmings and creme curtains... needless to say – i really disliked it! so, upon moving in it was my first project to paint – but after doing so it's just kinda been left naked for taking photos and keeping up with orders/shipping... until now! thinking about buying a couch has made me start arranging and decorating which is so fun!
i really LOVE making wall art clusters such as the one below...

{one of my favorite parts of doing this process is finding random things i love around the house an making them into art. bottom: frame holds a lovely hand written note from our niece and nephew mailed to us from vermont. top left: is one of my childhood books (little red riding hood) opened to the best page and stuck in a frame. top right: a full fashion page ripped from a vintage 1967 LIFE magazine as color inspiration for this room.}

{tips for trying this at home: have fun & find your favorite art from the past. (scan them in if you don't want to part with them) layout your framed pieces on the floor and rearrange until you like the layout then use 3M/command removeable adhesive hooks to try out your wall art first. perfect as a test drive before you commit to putting holes in your walls!}

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