oooooooooooooo how i LOVE these! i want to draw pictures of these guys and hear their voices! xoxoxoxoxox check them out at sweet bestiary.

oh my goodness! i LOVE amanda sharp!!
if all the these gorgeous photos aren't enough to make you love her - the wonderful personality behind the lens will! amanda and i met up to work out some new branding ideas and i just can't say enough great things about her. she's so friendly and personable, funny, and encouraging! and besides all that – look a her colors and styling – dang! i need to pop some babies out right now so she can take pictures!!! go to her website and check her out right now –
thanks again amanda - you're the best! xoxoxoxoxo
happy free-stuff friday!! what do you say? another happy giveaway!? YES, indeed!
helena of diary of a lovely asked me to be in her giveaway and interview and i just couldn't say no – i LOVE this blog, her taste and especially her attitude and positive energy. nothing makes me happier than to connect with people like her and pass on the fun and excitement that goes along with the world of modern blogging –
xoxoxoxoxox to all my support - i couldn't do it without you!
ooooo i LOVE this room! so simple and serene...
found this at the ardent sparrow in her robin's egg blue inspiration (so beautiful!)
now i can't stop daydreaming about turning my attic into something like this someday!
amma from beyondbeyond just left me a note saying she posted about my increasingly popular witness banners! check all the other awesomeness on this blog – so many beautiful wedding ideas i wish i was getting married all over again!
ahhhhhhh what a day... here's a new spring inspired print up in the shop!
hooray! our 4 chickens made it through the winter – and laid eggs the whole time! so, our first year as chicken farmers has worked out pretty well... i highly recommend it to anyone who can do it! every morning they run up to me with almost the same enthusiasm as my dog and are especially fun to watch hunt for worms where ever we do yard work... i don't think anything's as happy as a spring chicken!
happy easter time!

can't wait to try pysanky for myself...

{the awesome design above is done on an ostrich egg!}

oooooooo, my union/witness banners are getting some great attention!
first, i found a sighting on mint!
{well, actually i had a new customer give me the heads up – how wonderful is that!}

then, i found another sighting over at modernemotive – which is such a beautiful little eco-friendly spot to check out...

so much thanks all you gorgeous bloggers –
and happy easter to everyone!