wowee! while i was busy giving birth (whew!)
my maple veneer calendars were really getting some love!
first they were selected as a better homes and gardens DIY issue– 
"best of etsy" pick...

and then highlighted as an etsy gift idea –

amazing, right!?
hurry now and get your own!

Luella Reed Linder
November 9, 2012
7lbs 4 oz 20 inches 

my very best creation yet.
well folks, this is it.
this is me signing off for a bit.
i'll hopefully be popping this baby out any day now and i just wanted to do a little goodbye post featuring the "just beginnings" of my neutral nursery.
(we decided to keep the sex a surprise and it's been so fun!)

once we know what this little thing is i'll update with more 
of how we add to it and make it even more special! 

just entering this happy space makes me smile every day 
and really wish this babe was here already...

the whole gang is just waiting for you! come out now!

all of my amazing friends have made such special things for you –
like this incredible little dutchy hang-out-matt by one of my best buds, jen lindsay.

and this beautifully impecable gray and yellow quilt made by another best bud, bethany lewis!
more details on this awesome thing soon
since it needs a whole bunch of shots to show off it's true colors!

it seems every nursery needs some eric carle...

and because we love cutesy + gross humor = the best of daddy's garbage pal kids collection...

and because i love the "little things" i had to get this adorable owl light switch

and i replaced the boring closet pulls with this little fox chasing a hare!

you may notice a few ikea treasures including this ceiling light 
which is a good temporary fix until we decide on a ceiling fan or not...

some closet goodness... ah, just look at those booties!!!
(more details on the handcrafted booties soon since again, they need their own post!)

and finally the rocking chair – and a packed bag sitting by... ready and waiting!

so, while i'm off enjoying this most enchanting time i'll be having some specials guests popping in to update you and keep things a'rolling. 

my lovely friend and PR princess, christin kelley will be making some guest appearances and keep you informed of all the biz happenings. and my super special best gal-pal, cally graham will keep you informed of all things LOVED around these parts.

so, orevwa and sayonara but no worries – i'll be back soon and i'll be even better than ever since
i'll be back a mother which i've always pursued as the ultimate dream job in this awesome life.
wish me luck and be sure to stay tuned!