if you ship a bunch of international orders you'll know how annoying it can be dragging all those boxes to the post office and filling out those long customs forms...
and oh, how frustrated i was with usps.com for not allowing first class international shipments to be made with their click and ship function!

but alas – there's a better way!
and it's called endicia.
thank the heavens above and HAPPY FRIDAY to you all –
btw - let me know if you're really interested and i'll give you a happy promo code...
hooray for thursday!
although it's crazy snowy out there i'm loving it
since my hubs gets to work from home.
it's crazy, we spend so much time together and i still can't get enough –
plus, it's just so much fun to yell crazy things to him from the studio and take turns putting wood on the fire... ahhhhh i really can't complain about anything in my life right now !

here's a couple pics from around the house today...

(the serious wind blew the snow up and over all of the wood piles!)

it's a winter wonderland out there, right?

now on to a business-style note –
i've noticed a ton of traffic coming from these spots on ohdeedoh...

no wonder since it's a constant updating of great stuff
from around the web - especially for mommies!

AND! (i know this has been a long post!)
i just wanted to give a little shout out to my friend janelle haskin
who traded me some pieces for this incredible scalloped neckwarmer!

ooooo how i LOVE it!
+ the yarn is SO soft and it even smelled great!
wonderful packaging, cute note, great bcard and a fantastic shop.
check her out she's awesome...

ok that's it! xoxoxoxoxo

happy wednesday everybody!

aww shucks – danielle of sometimes sweet
wrote to let me know that she featured me on her blog today!

her post is just so wonderful i got all teary - i'm so flattered!

the rest of the blog really shows a glimpse into her life –
which after checking out thoroughly
i think it's really hard to believe she's only sweet sometimes.

thanks so very much, danielle!

ps. after trying to follow her blog i signed up for bloglovin.
so click here if you want to get aboard this love train...
hey there!
check out this awesome treasury
inspired by that oh-so-lovable edward sharpe song...

and have you ever heard of neatostuff?
they're featuring me on their main page for a month!
hooray for free advertising!

wowee! i LOVE pikaland!
and i swear it's not just because i was referred to as a genius.
check this place out and i know you'll agree –

thanks for the most amazing complements, amy!
what a way to start a monday.
wow! such a beautiful treasury – curated by The Wheatfield


and now for a special announcement :
go and check out my craft table over at poppytalk handmade!

have a little scavenger hunt in my shop there
and find a secret coupon code in the details...
happy shopping and thanks so much to everyone over at poppytalk handmade!
hey there, folks!
now some of you may ask - what will you actually be doing to make this year the best ever?
well, i'll tell ya... among other things – i FINALLY plan to participate in some blog/gallery style advertising. i dabbled in a few giveaways during the holiday season and i tell ya what – definitely worth it. so that being said...

you can find my shop in their indie fixx galleria until mid march
+ find a coupon code for 20% off your entire order!

happy shopping and thanks so much to everybody over there at indie fixx
finding myself out there is just too much fun...

first, i was told that etsy used my whenever print for their image for facebook

{i don't know exactly what that really means but *hooray* sales went through the roof.
too bad i was at the gym and couldn't re-list fast enough to keep up!}

then today on the experts agree
i found my calendar as a featured pick to celebrate 2011

and a sweet little fan of mine wrote to let me know
she had just seen me at green wedding shoes!

{good thing since i just restocked my fresh whenever print on veneer}

thanks so much cyberspace - i sure do love you.

hey folks!
whew it's been a hectic week so far but i wanted to take some time to show some of the desk fodder i've added to shop...

out of misprinted veneers i've created some lovelies –

{little wooden note cards to send to a friend}

{owl keep your place wooden bookmarks - 2 for $5}

{perfect for scrap book or photo collage - 2011 wooden veneer marker}

ahhhhh, nothing like recycling a mess up into something worthwhile!
happy wednesday everyone

happy, happy friday!
such a warm and sunny treasury by maclancy
featuring my each day calendar
mmmm just what i need right now since it so snowy and cold outside.

by the way, maclancy has some great vintage photos over in her shop and i really felt a bit like this one today making sure my chickens were still alive...

then after trucking around and splitting wood i decided to start a fire and make a lemon meringue pie as a little surprise for my husband to start the weekend off with a tangy kick.

sheesh. it's been so busy around here
(shipping 15-20 packages at a time!)
i haven't been able to bake anything
so in the calm serenity of the snow i felt the time was just right.

hope you all have a glorious weekend!
hooray! two BRAND NEW valentine-inspired items
up in the shop today –

my husband really loves this bird. actually he loves ALL birds
but was quoted saying this was one of his favorites so...
{my man - $27.00}

and since everybody is so smitten with my new calendars
{each day calendar - only $18.00}
• • • also available in other colors • • •

hooray! check out some new items i popped up in the shop...
{abc please - only $20}

first day of work in 2011 is starting off great.
the sun is shining and my spirits are flying high from some sweet new year blog mentions!

check out this great crafty blog called larks crafts...

they featured me along with a bunch of other great shops

and then hop over to the sweet little paper michelle blog...
so adorable and fun! i just love her sentiments and attitude –

and even more love from the awesome pushing papers...

wow, thanks everybody!
i really appreciate the great kick off –