hooray for thursday!
although it's crazy snowy out there i'm loving it
since my hubs gets to work from home.
it's crazy, we spend so much time together and i still can't get enough –
plus, it's just so much fun to yell crazy things to him from the studio and take turns putting wood on the fire... ahhhhh i really can't complain about anything in my life right now !

here's a couple pics from around the house today...

(the serious wind blew the snow up and over all of the wood piles!)

it's a winter wonderland out there, right?

now on to a business-style note –
i've noticed a ton of traffic coming from these spots on ohdeedoh...

no wonder since it's a constant updating of great stuff
from around the web - especially for mommies!

AND! (i know this has been a long post!)
i just wanted to give a little shout out to my friend janelle haskin
who traded me some pieces for this incredible scalloped neckwarmer!

ooooo how i LOVE it!
+ the yarn is SO soft and it even smelled great!
wonderful packaging, cute note, great bcard and a fantastic shop.
check her out she's awesome...

ok that's it! xoxoxoxoxo

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