{my screen shot of just some of the bento box art image search}

ok, so what? i like to play with my food.

i'm realizing how very driven i can be by the visual presentation
of the food i like to make and eat 
so obviously the whole bento box trend has really been stirring my imagination lately ...

if you haven't seen the great world of bento box love seen above
please click here and be amazed... i'll wait...

like wow, right!?
so, feeding my little one is top priority in life right now 
(my how priorities have changed?) 
and what better way to have fun doing it than to incorporate 
making it into art? 

i've purchased this book to jump start my creative juices 
and have a bento box waiting in my amazon wish list 
for the next gift giving session.

can't wait to post pics of the fun we have!
even though Lu can't eat egg –i see that as a challenge.
stay tuned for food art mania...