ok so...... drum roll please.....
voila, double dutch is officially open!
my friend christin kelley and i opened this little pop-up shop and
we're so excited to see where it goes...

basically we're doing baby steps to get it up and running but it's been so fun and care-free that i'm not stressed about it at all. hooray! the best part is that i feel like it truly reflects us as real people. it's not all so perfectly staged and sterile which i think makes it really accessible to customers who are a lot like us. pretty cool, right?

so, as a little product shout-out today i'm highlighting
my favorite item in the shop this month: the infinity scarf...

{infinity scarf - $65.00}

this fantastic thing is handmade by christin's mom and is one of my favorite accessories since getting my own a couple months ago. i even got one for my mom for her birthday and people have been asking where they can get their own – so naturally we put it in the shop. (if you've been hanging around me lately you know this scarf all too well since i wear it constantly.)

so, we'll keep updating the shop and letting you know about the cool stuff we list once the ball really gets rolling – until then we hope you enjoy and spread the word!

happy monday folks!
whew, this is going to be another long one
so grab a mug of something and hang out for a bit –

as promised i'm back with detailed info about melanie's
stand: organic fields and french hens at the reading fairgrounds farmers market...
i am so looking forward to helping melanie get the word out
about her baked goods and tasting them along the way...

here's melanie bringing us our taste-test of the week.
she has so many incredible edible things i just can't stand it.
check them out in photo form...

plenty of organic breads

and deep dish pizzas!

soooo many good cookies i had to combine the shots -
click for a detailed view.

+ plenty of pastries made with so much love and so little fat.
and speaking of, our taste of the week was her fresh blueberry vanilla cake...

(see that note with the ingredients, only 120 calories in my half of the cake!)

man, it was amazing and beautiful, too!
you know how you never really believe that something that has so little fat/calories could actually be decadent, moist and delicious?
well, my tongue had the proof – it was so good i was shocked.
oh, i just i can't wait until i have a party and stock it up with her goodies to share with friends!

unfortunately, this week and next (26th-28th & 2nd-4th) melanie will not be at the market but she will return by the week after and just in time for valentine's day so be sure to go and get some for yourself or you and your sweetheart. thanks again, melanie - you're awesome!

and speaking of valentine's day – my friend christin and i have opened
a secret little shop of our own and took some product shots while hanging at the market.

check out this lovely arrow necklace made by local artist
karen stanford over at double dutch and let us know what you think!

um, how great is this treasury?
yeah, do you see that super squishable puppy face?
the hunk-o-abs selling a scarf?
wow do i LOVE this on so many levels...

pssst. anyone ever been to the fairgrounds market?
well, wowee i had no idea!
renningers is great for antiques but i tell ya, fairgrounds farmers market really has it beat for food selection and diversity.
so, the lovely christin kelley and i met up for lunch and i got to meet another melanie of fields and french hens! she was so sweet and her organic baked goods were amazing...

i tried her cowboy cookie below and it was fantastic. just like a wonderful homemade chocolate chip cookie but with oats and seeds and all kinds of stuff to make you feel good and not guilty!

i loved how it was flat and thin but moist and had that stick-to-your-teeth buttery-like chewy texture. mmmmmmmmm my favorite. i also tried the organic coffee coconut cookie and it was so delicously sticky/chewy i forgot to take a pic before it was gone! ooops.

well so, now the plan is to show you a new sweet-treat every week to help promote melanie and her delicious goods! + next time i'll take my camera with me–
happy friday ya'll!

happy mid-week everyone!
thanks to my lady friend mary i'm now a bit obsessed with morris hirshfield.
mary got to see some of his work in the peggy guggenheim museum and sent me a note to share...

i really love his folk style, subject matter, color choices,
and that he was dubbed "the master of the two left feet"
thanks again, mary!

hey ya'll!
so i've been meaning to make a shout-out all it's own –
i had the pleasure of meeting the lovely catara of catara carrell photography
and i absoluetly fell in LOVE with her and her beautiful photos!

agggg these of her kids are just too cute.

and i LOVE the ones of her pets, too!

so nice, right? check out her blog to see so much more and enjoy!
thanks for being so awesome, catara – you're the bomb.
yep, that's what i said. the bomb.

whoa, i think 2012 is going to be my year!
it's all seems to coming together and i guess have successfully flooded the market with my work – uh, can't you tell with all this publicity? sheesh!

just in this new year of 2012 i'm already featured in berks county living

and better homes and gardens has my work
in the background of a photo shoot!
{big thanks to my old college pal amy of oscar design who spotted me and let me know!}

seems like big things are really brewing ... cross your fingers for me!


also, this year my choice inspirations will be:

again i choose to follow maragret kilgallen.
after all she really is my all-time favorite artist.

bethenny frankel who really inspires me to go for all the things i want
and reminds me that you can have your cake and eat it too - just in moderation.

and michael angelakos of passion pit
who started a musical career by simply recording a valentines gift for a girlfriend...

covered all my favorite bases – art, food and music.
ok, 2012 here i come...