ok so...... drum roll please.....
voila, double dutch is officially open!
my friend christin kelley and i opened this little pop-up shop and
we're so excited to see where it goes...

basically we're doing baby steps to get it up and running but it's been so fun and care-free that i'm not stressed about it at all. hooray! the best part is that i feel like it truly reflects us as real people. it's not all so perfectly staged and sterile which i think makes it really accessible to customers who are a lot like us. pretty cool, right?

so, as a little product shout-out today i'm highlighting
my favorite item in the shop this month: the infinity scarf...

{infinity scarf - $65.00}

this fantastic thing is handmade by christin's mom and is one of my favorite accessories since getting my own a couple months ago. i even got one for my mom for her birthday and people have been asking where they can get their own – so naturally we put it in the shop. (if you've been hanging around me lately you know this scarf all too well since i wear it constantly.)

so, we'll keep updating the shop and letting you know about the cool stuff we list once the ball really gets rolling – until then we hope you enjoy and spread the word!

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