howdy friends!
couple things to start the day off right...

first, as if you need ANOTHER good reason to have a couple of chickens around?

when things start to thaw out and you can smell spring in the air, i find those flower beds that have been covered with leaves and dead matter all winter and let my ladies clear them out!
i sprinkle oats over the spots i want worked out and they come a'runnin.
i also sprinkle the oats over my pumpkins (which now look like piles of mush and seeds) and let them spread it around to germinate in the coming months.
(only bummer is when things start sprouting you won't want your girls scratching them out - so keep that in mind for the future)

second, i was feeling a little crafty the other day
and made this fluffy wreath for the front door–
my favorite part is that it was free!

my aunt grew tons of lovely hydrangea for my cousin's wedding and since then has been handing out dried bushels every now and then. i had 2 dried bunches collecting dust so i cut them short and simply stuffed them into a grapevine wreath while dancing around to some jams. kinda messy project but so easy to do and clean + totally gratifying.
i may add some birds once spring arrives...

lastly, i can barely wait – my sale on is this friday!
you can already check out a glimpse of it...
ahhhh so excited to viewed on such a large scale! wish me luck!

welp, guess that's about it.
i'll have some new work popping up soon so keep in touch!
and a happy start-to-the-week for all –

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