hey party people!
finally. here i am with a fields and french hens update –

so, 2 weeks ago was melanie's 1 year anniversary and we got to enjoy all the many bits of it!
i discovered my new indulgence – her fresh fruit turnovers. flaky deliciousness with no butter. my hubs says they're so good it's impossible! that's how talented she is...

how cute are these?

and look at these sweet little all-natural chocolates. mmmm

also, i grabbed some of these scallion cheddar pop-overs which were amazing.
hopefully she'll have more next week!

and then there was this... a peanut butter bomb.
haven't tried it yet – i've got to pace myself!

and our special gifts were complimentary tea and a beauty of a bag!
how nice is that. what a perfect thursday lunch trip.
(didn't get a good shot of that delicious looking blueberry shortbread
down there but i will next time because man that thing was good!)

now that you're mouths are watering –
happy tuesday everyone!

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