whew! it's been busy around here!
my fab.com sale was a success (insert cheer here)
and now i'm working hard on filling the large order.

as you can see below i set up my own little sweatshop...

super big thanks to mom, dad and gram for the help!
gabbing and laughing for hours made the time and work fly by.

even more awesome (which i never expected) some of my items sold out within the first hour and people went on to purchase their favorites for regular price from my etsy shop!
how cool is that? i give a serious thumbs up to the fab team and their radical company.

oh, here's kritter doing her usual "supervising" over the job site...
(fyi: if you buy from my etsy shop she's overseen your order from start to finish and never lets anyone knock on the door - not even a little bit.)

anyway, thanks so much to fab.com, fab members/customers,
and to my friends and family who help me in so many ways...

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