hey friends!
here's a little sneak peek into some work we've been doing around the house...
our kitchen was a deep mustard color that made it surprisingly dark
so we gave it a fresh coat of white and light grey...
it's so much brighter i can hardly believe it!
who knew yellow could be such a drag?

here's the morning sun shining in
and really showing off the light reflection!

now we just have to figure out what color to paint over the deep red door there... any suggestions? we were planning on black but have now been considering a bright pop –

here's the same side of the kitchen at night –
the white plaster really helps make it feel clean
and the black molding gives a crisp edge.

obviously this house has a ton of wood and stone so i'm trying to find ways to brighten and add a bit of modern juxtaposition...
for more of what i'm talking about check out my home inspirations on pinterest!
happy mid week, ya'll –


. said...

Very nice. Now I see why Jen enjoys coming for a visit!

Nicki S. said...

Your home belongs in a magazine!!