ok ramble, ramble here they are! some fun new cards at my shop...

here's one of my new cards up close... for the funny science nerd... and yes, they do exist!

so karen (of skylark studio) really got me thinking last night... i've been wanting to make cards for awhile but most of my work in the past hasn't really lent itself as the right subject matter – making for the perfect card... but now my pattern making doodles along with some new illustrations have exactly what i've been wanting my cards to feel like... thanks for that push k-rizzle! {click on the photo for some up close look-see's}

found one of my all time favorite quotes today and had to combine it with one of my new favorite folksy frames... only $27.00 and it's all yours! xoxoxox

oooooooo i LOVE dianna potter and her paper tiger blog, work, photos... everything! my husband found me on her blog today and i'm super siked. her simplistic, clean eye is so refreshing and just my style. check her out – you will love it, eat it up and feel very full.

so here are two of my many detailed illustrations/patterns for juna studio this past month! i'm really trying to appeal to the boys and the not-so-girly girls... {if you're interested in purchasing this work please contact info@junastudio.com}

kris from cloud burst beauty is not only a wonderful writer but also a illustrator, painter and photographer... and blogger! she contacted me to say that she liked my work (so inspiring) and asked me to answer three questions about my life – you can find them featured on her blog today... thanks kris!

stuff under twenty is this awesome new little spot to find great items for our dwindling pockets... they featured my "no place like home" print and i'm including a free wooden postcard with every print sold directed by them! thanks n+s!

whew! i justed finished the sign for my artstar booth coming up in 2 weeks... now the only things i need are chicken wire, a serious printing session and a dedicated handy-craft day... and i think i'll be ready. yikes! back to work!

i must just say again that i love stitchface! (as i mentioned here previously) today she is highlighted on etsy as a featured seller and i'm so happy about it! she was really great to chat with and i feel like we're friends only after two convos. maybe it's because the great stuff she makes... or the way she talks about it... the name "stitchface"... her favorite possession – it's all so good...

holy toledo – another front page! dang – so much love to spread the love... i'm feeling extra special this week...(thanks for another heads up from alex – she's officially my new front page scouter!)

finally! new pics of my new studio! i had plans to create a whole "before-and-after" thing but of course, i had a huge project going while i was moving in and there was no time (and my camera was packed!) anyway, here's my sweet little hutch from my sister-in-law holding LYI stuff on the top shelf and the rest is illustrations work, crafts, and inspiration! xoxoxox

hooray! i was featured on the spotlight; etsy finds: alpine kitsch today! what an awesome little array of lovely things to be spotted with – i'm so flattered!

holy cow! thanks to the heads up from alex of allmimsy"no place like home" has been on the front page of etsy twice!!! so much thanks to you wonderful treasurers who put me out there! xoxoxox

storeyshop is so awesome! i love her handcut cards and her wonderful sock monkeys (i mean come on, look at that thing! so cute!) plus she's got a beautiful blog and i totally just fell in love and stole her cute little clock widgit – so neat! see for yourself – go check her etsy shop and blog right now!

so i'm way behind on everything lately but i first a foremost i wanted to say how much i LOVE kaleprimitifs jewelry! it's all so interesting and beautiful... i especially love the little bedded deer and the way she curls the top of her pieces for the chain... i want all three of these soooooo bad! {from top to bottom : the Black Pearl Pagoda fine silver - $116.00 | Tundra Deer in bronze - $76.00 | Willow Branch Balance Act in fine silver - $56.00}

well, if you know me you probably seen this coming... i love this little doodle so much i'm turning into all sorts of things! my original dutch flower illustration has now been turned into a folk-style DIY invite to please those simply sweet barn-style brides i know are out there... check it out at my little love shop!

yey! we just added 3 new girls to the farm! from left to right our three new pullets – clementine, pepper, and ferdinann! we picked them up on saturday from woodsong hollow – a great little farm down the road. so fun and excting! mmmm quiches, flan, custards, puddings... grow chickies, grow! i'm sure these ladies will be inspiring many new illustrations to come...

z-town made is hitting it's stride! it all began with a little blog idea and now it's blooming into a real, awesomely fun craft collective! here's our original blog and here's our awesome new website! {extra little note: EVERYTHING is made by us! jen lindsay created the website, i did the doodles and o.g. blog, everyone took their own photos and created their own ads - talk about crafty!}