check out these pretty maple veneer wedding invites!

and a wooden rsvp postcard? um, yes, please.

love it and want some of your own?
just let me know!
happy thursday,
have you ever felt like someone's doing exactly what you'd love to be doing – but better!?
well, don't give up.
at least that's what i'm telling myself.

these two illustrators make my heart hurt with how close they seem to be to living out my artistic dreams.

stinking mike lowery – you're killing me!
(in a good way of course)
and it's funny since i just revisited his work after linkedin connections
and found out he's a SCAD man. figures! go dude, you rule.

and my new found love – heather ross!
sheesh, it's like someone came into my childhood dreams,
used my favorite colors + utensils and made my every wish come true.
everything is sooooo good.
well done, long lost friend i've never met.

so, rather than digging a hole and crawling into it... i'm going to dive deeper than ever before! look out world, 'cause here i come!

and in the meantime, some words to live by –
"deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire"
{special thanks to christin kelley for that quote!}

hey party people – here's a little bee update!
so, here we are checking on the second hive body...

first, you gotta smoke 'em.

after they're good and smokey he lifted the top and pulled out a cell...

{at this point bees are swarming around my head
– and i don't have one of those cool, protective suits!}

luckily, they were actually really calm

and so beautiful.
so, it turns out i totally love them a
and i'm not as half as afraid as i thought i'd be!
guess it's pretty much like everything else in life...
it's been such a busy time lately - hooray!
only bummer is the blog gets a bit neglected. and it's a shame since i have so many awesome photos to post. when it all slows down again i'll have a serious posting extravaganza...
until then, i'll keep on trucking.

and with feed-backs like these last few
it gives me the fuel to push through!
love yous,
hey ya'll!
check out this awesome wedding map i made for a
lucky couple getting married on block island!
click on the image for a detailed view
wow, this was so fun!
now i'm in love with block island and wish i was going –