i LOVE everything about this kids room! so bright and happy mixed with old and new – just my style! i actually already have a yellow room with lots of light and b-board so something like this will most likely happen around here eventually! super pic found on creature comforts as with all kinds of other beautiful things to drool and dream about...

unbelievable! two days before i go for surgery with dr. seckin to remove my own endometriomas – news is released that padma is pregnant! (if you have no idea why that's fabulous news to me – check out my previous post here!) also, the beautiful padma has recently launched her own line of jewelry... talk about inspiration! xoxoxoxox

for the first time ever – i actually caught myself on the front page!!! whoooohooo! xoxoxox

ha! how dirty! i've been commissioned to create these dirty little wooden postcards for a place called "the shag shop"... it was so much fun making these up – i hope they sell out quickly so i can make more! click on the image for a detailed look!

the new girls in town... that's shaniqua on the very left - she's the one giving me a big brown egg every day! and the other two tail-less reds still need names... i'll post eliana and little penn's choices asap! {update: and the names are... henrietta and clover!}

a new little baby celebration print! go ahead and customize this cute print for that awesome new-mom! {only $30 matted and all!}

how cool are these labels! and yes, i'm biased because they say spread the love! but i also think this labeled jar idea is fantastic! find them at miss pickles press 12 for only $15!

more of the same awesomeness over at blablakids! i think i could post something every week for a long time before i ran out of excellent things to show you... these little guys are rattles made of pure persian wool – what else could a lucky little baeba want?

inspired by my friend's need for a thoughtful bridal shower gift – we come to love is now available in my little etsy shop! thanks michelle - hope she loves it! xoxoxox

here's a sneak peak of what i've listed as my contribution for spoonful in my shop this week... i love the sound of this project and i can't wait to see the publication! thanks so much anthea for including me... and to kimberly for mentioning my name... xoxoxox

whew, another LYI project – completed! i especially loved this one because i got to see this little smiling face every time i put one together! the job was to create matching custom thank you cards for a return customer.

maria had ordered custom christening invitations for her daughter's once-in-a-lifetime event a couple months back and then sent these lovely thank you cards to all the guests to attended. what a little cutie, huh?! great photo + nice little matching card = one happy customer! xoxox

btw, this is what her orginal invite looked like... each one was wrapped in pink lace ribbon and adorned with mabe pearls! the top embellishment was a brass flower along the "a" for antonia with a mabe pearl in it's center... talk about super extravagant and girly!

so the last few weeks have been nuts for me... i usually like to keep it pretty impersonal around here but i must say that such a big part of me has been completely left out of my life and inspiration ramblings.

so, for the last 2 years my husband and i have been trying for a baby - with no luck. long story short – i have endometriosis. now you're probably wondering what does this all have to do with the lovely padma? well, so does she! and her and my surgeon dr. tamer seckin have formed the endometriosis foundation of america to help ladies like me! you can read more about padma and her story here and check out my doc and his awesome turkish accent here.

now the time has finally come... next week dr. seckin is going to preform lacrospoic surgery through my poor little belly-button and hopefully cure what ails me. then cross your fingers and look out for the next linder addition!

oh, and it was just my 29th birthday!

{check out that sweet little felted birthday banner by heartfelt!}

out first egg!!! so it's been a while... my two dear little girls had been nabbed by something in the bushes or clouds (not sure which) and vanished with no trace. so we went back to good, old wood-song hollow and got three new girls: shaniqua, ginger, and the last is waiting to be named by our niece and nephew... but the lovely, large shaniqua (who got her name from a NPR story about rooftop coops) has laid the first beautiful, brown egg on the linder farmette.

i'm really loving frenchpaper! i got a referral from the lovely jenramos of made by girl to check out the wonderful recycled papers by frenchpaper – and they're super fantastic! so much so that i will be upgrading my wedding banners with some of their great recycled construction stock! plus, they sent me a pair of paper shades along with my first shipment! and if that's not enough – check out there awesome Pop Ink Decor-a-Boards {pictured below: Owl Night Long 11.25"x14" Plaque, $28}

where the lovely things are featured me the other week and said some really lovely things! you must check this site out – beautiful finds from all over the place! xoxoxox

hmmmm... too soon to think about christmas and super holiday season?
well, i guess it's never too soon! here's a sneak peek at one of my new xmas cards coming next month to my little etsy shop... i can't believe summer's over. it's so hard to say goodbye...
hooray! hello bluebird's grand opening is today!

wow, check out these beautiful shots by daisyjane!
so, obviously – hello bluebird's got an amazing location...

and is incredibly charming and beautiful inside! {yey! check out my prints on the top shelf xoxoxox}

super congratulations, alex! i'm so happy to be a part of your wonderful new shop! xoxoxo