so the last few weeks have been nuts for me... i usually like to keep it pretty impersonal around here but i must say that such a big part of me has been completely left out of my life and inspiration ramblings.

so, for the last 2 years my husband and i have been trying for a baby - with no luck. long story short – i have endometriosis. now you're probably wondering what does this all have to do with the lovely padma? well, so does she! and her and my surgeon dr. tamer seckin have formed the endometriosis foundation of america to help ladies like me! you can read more about padma and her story here and check out my doc and his awesome turkish accent here.

now the time has finally come... next week dr. seckin is going to preform lacrospoic surgery through my poor little belly-button and hopefully cure what ails me. then cross your fingers and look out for the next linder addition!

oh, and it was just my 29th birthday!

{check out that sweet little felted birthday banner by heartfelt!}

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