happy valentine's day!
x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o
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well, mine has started off great as i hope yours has, too!
my sweetheart/best-bud surprised me with photos/notes from our many memories that started at the top of the stairs and went around the house. i'm so very lucky i just can't put it into words.
and to wrap it up we'll have a nice romantic dinner at the trapp door.
(which is sooo amazing - if you've never been - go!)

now for my valentine studded re-cap from fields and french hens...

how lovely, right? i love her baking style!
plus she always has some pretty fresh flowers hanging around.
you can tell how much love and thought goes into everything she does.

i grabbed this beauty below (strawberry cake)
to celebrate my ma-in-law's birthday.
it 's so nice when you can have cake at lunch and not feel like you have a rock in your belly after-wards! it's was super cute and so delicious!

and for our taste-tests we tried her donuts – which were SO good.
especially dunked in coffee! and...

the real show-stopper (for me): amazing little lavender cookies.
shortbread cookies covered in white chocolate and topped with lavender.
oh. my. goodness.
have you ever eaten lavender? it's soo lovely with this combination.
peppery, soothing, deliciousness, sent straight from heaven.

if you're thinking about going this weekend (thursday, friday, saturday)...
it's her 1 year anniversary and she's got a great sale going on. plus free cup of tea and gifts for all her patrons! so, make a special trip with your honey and walk around the market for a date this weekend. i promise it'll be a good time.

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