that's right – i'm looking for a summer intern!
could it be you? do you know someone who might LOVE
to learn how to make their design talents into a
teeny-weeny yet substantial business?
if so, read on for internship details...

important bullets:

• internship (unpaid - besides cupcakes and glitter)
begins may 30th and will end june 28th.

• applicant would be advised to live near the kutztown area.

• lucky little intern will only have to report to my studio 2-3 days/week.

• internship will include a final project: awesome you will get to help me
design/build my first-ever 2013 product catalog
to share with reps and wholesalers nationwide.

• intern MUST be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as own (and be able to use everyday) a laptop with both installed for the duration of the the internship.

good music plays all day, cute studio dog included,
plus pond for swimming and beautiful views.

if this all sounds totally rad to you please click on the side button to apply!

1 comment:

chimes said...

Ha — I would totally do this if I could hang out down there all summer. I've got a fulltime design job. I passed along to some Iowa State University students ... maybe you'll get one? They're all talented. :)