whoa, i think 2012 is going to be my year!
it's all seems to coming together and i guess have successfully flooded the market with my work – uh, can't you tell with all this publicity? sheesh!

just in this new year of 2012 i'm already featured in berks county living

and better homes and gardens has my work
in the background of a photo shoot!
{big thanks to my old college pal amy of oscar design who spotted me and let me know!}

seems like big things are really brewing ... cross your fingers for me!


also, this year my choice inspirations will be:

again i choose to follow maragret kilgallen.
after all she really is my all-time favorite artist.

bethenny frankel who really inspires me to go for all the things i want
and reminds me that you can have your cake and eat it too - just in moderation.

and michael angelakos of passion pit
who started a musical career by simply recording a valentines gift for a girlfriend...

covered all my favorite bases – art, food and music.
ok, 2012 here i come...

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. said...

So happy for you.
tamu ngina