happy monday folks!
whew, this is going to be another long one
so grab a mug of something and hang out for a bit –

as promised i'm back with detailed info about melanie's
stand: organic fields and french hens at the reading fairgrounds farmers market...
i am so looking forward to helping melanie get the word out
about her baked goods and tasting them along the way...

here's melanie bringing us our taste-test of the week.
she has so many incredible edible things i just can't stand it.
check them out in photo form...

plenty of organic breads

and deep dish pizzas!

soooo many good cookies i had to combine the shots -
click for a detailed view.

+ plenty of pastries made with so much love and so little fat.
and speaking of, our taste of the week was her fresh blueberry vanilla cake...

(see that note with the ingredients, only 120 calories in my half of the cake!)

man, it was amazing and beautiful, too!
you know how you never really believe that something that has so little fat/calories could actually be decadent, moist and delicious?
well, my tongue had the proof – it was so good i was shocked.
oh, i just i can't wait until i have a party and stock it up with her goodies to share with friends!

unfortunately, this week and next (26th-28th & 2nd-4th) melanie will not be at the market but she will return by the week after and just in time for valentine's day so be sure to go and get some for yourself or you and your sweetheart. thanks again, melanie - you're awesome!

and speaking of valentine's day – my friend christin and i have opened
a secret little shop of our own and took some product shots while hanging at the market.

check out this lovely arrow necklace made by local artist
karen stanford over at double dutch and let us know what you think!

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