wow, what an amazing day today.
it's 88 degrees here with a lovely breeze –
welcome home summertime sights, smells and sounds!

speaking of, here's a little sneak update to our bees. keegan checked over our hive and reset some things before getting our second this past weekend (another update to come)...

smoke is important - no bee stings for me.

they are looking great and starting to really get some honey going!
mmmmmm i can barely wait.

{click either or both photos for a detailed view!}

keeg collected some educational elements of the hive to show his nieces...
the dark brown comb is old and the light, buttery comb is freshy fresh.
below that the little larvae were examined and we did find some mites. (eww)
luckily it's normal to have some – you just don't want a bunch in there.
(man, the mites are so gross - we watched a video on their life cycles and i was so grossed out and felt bad for our pretty little ladies. ugh)

that's it for now but more to come with our new hive. sadly i was feeling ill and couldn't go to take photos of the pick-up but i'll at least show how nice it looks with more than one out there. to be continued...
happy day to everyone!

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